How to be a Prolific Writer

One of my core desired feelings is to feel prolific. To me being prolific means coming up with a lot of great ideas, implementing them, and getting them out into the world.

You can’t be truly prolific without hitting the publish button, and having a half-written novel gathering dust on my hard drive does not appeal to me.

So in this section you’ll find out how to be prolific in both your writing and content creation… and how to be productive in your business, too!

how to be prolific


How To Be a Prolific Writer

1. Mind Map Your Ideas First

One way to shorten your writing time is to create mind maps of your ideas. It’s also a great way to take notes, brainstorm, and organize concepts that you might be teaching. I recommend using a mind map for writing blog posts, longer articles, and even books!

2. Use Great Writing Software

My favorite writing software is called Scrivener, and I think every serious writer needs to give this program a go. It’s such an elegant writing program, and there’s even a way to import mind maps into Scrivener, making your writing process even smoother! Check out my Scrivener tutorial here.

You’ll also want to try out this tool to stop procrastinating and actually get to your writing!

3. Writing Sales Copy?

If you have a website or sell any products or services, then you’ll likely find yourself having to write copy. That’s where the lovely Words That Sell book comes in to save the day.

You’ll also want to take a look at my newsletter writing tips, and how you can save time with your emails by leveraging existing blog content. Make sure to follow these effective email subject lines suggestions, so your emails get opened!

4. Want to write faster? No time to write?

I get it! We’re all busy, and finding time to write can be challenging, but it’s so rewarding when you can hit publish and put your best work out into the world. I have two main ways of saving time when it comes to writing:

  1. How To Find Time To Write: Find out how I turn my daily walks in the park with my dog into productive writing time. It’s both restorative because I get ideas when I’m more active, and it’s great because I don’t lose them before getting to my desk!
  2. Write Faster Using Speech Technology: You can talk faster than you write, so let your computer do the typing for you while you come up with the materials.

5. How to be prolific when you don’t know what to write about?

It’s easy to be a prolific writer when you have ideas for great content coming in all the time. But what if you’re stumped and you need to write a blog post, already? There’s where this unconventional blog post idea to stop writer’s block comes in!

And of course, sometimes we get in our own way instead of just sitting down to write. So I’m glad my friend Ali Luke has some great advice for getting down to writing already! She’s a prolific writer so I’d heed her advice any day!

How To Be Prolific in Business: Productivity

Being prolific in business means knowing how to get more done in a day, and not just anything but important things. That’s where learning how to scrub your todo list comes in handy!

1. Setting priorities and working on your business

There’s a big difference between working in your business and working on your business, do you make time for both? In my opinion, it all comes down to setting business priorities because without priorities you end up at the mercy of every shiny object and new email in your inbox.

2. Balancing your productivity with input

I’m a huge fan of getting it all done, and checking something off my to-do list makes me a happy girl. But there’s nothing quite like sitting down to read a great book and learning a ton from other people’s experiences. That’s truly why I think reading is sexy! So make sure to balance your “creation time” with a little “consumption time”, so your creative tank is full!

At the end of the day, knowing how to cope with business stress will help you be persistent. Businesses aren’t built overnight, so learning how to be prolific in business is more of a marathon than a sprint!

Other resources…

I’m all about finding ways to get more done in a day, so be sure to check out my post at which is all about 7 ideas to get more done, that really work.

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