I've always been a writer.

From the first blank notebook I got my hands on, to the short stories I wrote for school assignments… and the little homemade newspapers and magazines I designed with my first computer keystrokes.

When I first discovered self-publishing, I thought it was convenient to get my ideas out in book form.

But there was still a part of me that didn’t see these types of books as legitimate. As if I needed a publisher’s approval to call myself a writer or an author.

So instead of writing the books I wanted to write, I shelved them.

There’s one book in particular that I had 50,000 words written but that took the backseat to grow my business.

Over time the book wasn’t as relevant anymore, and I felt a gush of freedom when I finally let it go… and gave myself permission to write whatever next book wanted to come out.

These are the books that felt the most timely. There will undoubtedly be more books coming, across different genres and styles.

Happy reading!


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Cover of the List Building Ebook

List Building: The 30 Day Step-by-Step Formula for Growing Your Online Business

Whether you’ve hit a slump while growing your email list, or you’re just getting started building an email list, this book will help you get on track fast.

With all new and updated material for 2022, you’ll see what has changed when it comes to building lead magnets that convert.

In this email marketing manual, you’ll take small daily actions that add up to big email list growth over 30 days.

Each chapter covers a list building topic that will help you bring in more of your ideal clients and customers, so you can grow your online business.

Here’s what you can expect from following the advice contained in this book:

  • Doubling or even tripling your email subscriber list, and in turn, increasing your bottom line
  • Getting more of the right people on your marketing list, so you’re sending targeted messages that convert to sales
  • Putting simple list-building activities on autopilot, so you’ll never run out of fresh prospects to market to
  • Writing a series of email autoresponders that help you turn these new subscribers into fans and customers from the get go

This book is based on the free 30 Day List Building Challenge, that’s responsible for more people adding hundreds and thousands of new email subscribers to their lists.

Don’t let another month go by where you’re not reaching more of your ideal clients and customers online.

List building is one of the keys to growing your online business, so why not follow a proven formula that’s practically guaranteed to help you grow your list more in the next 30 days than you have in the past 3 months.

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Book cover for Pre-sell your online course

Pre-Sell Your Online Course, Before You Even Build It

Want to create a successful online course?

Most coaches and business owners who want to create a course end up launching to the sound of crickets… or never getting their course off the ground.

There’s a solution: pre-selling your course before you create it!

You’ll learn how to validate your course idea through customer research, write compelling course sales copy, and launch a promotional campaign in order to make sales before creating the course material.

You’ll create an educational asset that brings in revenue and creates raving fans.

This book is perfect for anyone who is thinking about creating an online course or who wants to set themselves apart from their competitors.

If you’re looking to create an online course that is successful, then you need to learn how to pre-sell it before you even create it.

If you’ve been wanting to add an online course to your existing business, then get this book and get the ball rolling!

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Cover of the Course Idea Planner

The Course Idea Planner™

The Course Idea Planner is designed to help you flesh out your idea into a complete marketing plan so that you can successfully pre-sell your first online course.

With the Course Idea Planner as your guide, you’ll be able to create a successful online course that helps people solve their problems.

These are sections you can work through to make sure your online course launch will be a success:

  • How to identify the course idea you want to nurture
  • Customer research to help you zero in on the best topic and angle for your course
  • Competitive research that is designed to set you apart and help you stand out
  • How to come up with your course idea statement that gets potential customers watering at the mouth
  • How to thwart idea predators before they take you off your game
  • The best naming strategies to find a unique and memorable name for your online course
  • A full calendar planning guide to flesh out your course marketing campaign
  • Plus proven fill-in-the-blanks copywriting frameworks to help you write a sales page that converts

The Course Idea Planner is the culmination of over a decade of online course creation and successful launching experience all rolled into one easy to follow plan to help you sell your course successfully.

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