I'm Nathalie Lussier - Founder of AccessAlly™

(Pronounced Natalie Loo-see-ay)

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I’m a digital strategist, and I believe that unique businesses deserve unique strategies to succeed online… and I love coming up with ideas to match your ambition.

I started dreaming in digital at an early age, and designed my first web site at age 12. Before that, I flexed my entrepreneurial muscles by putting together a self-published magazine that I sold to my friends and family.

Following the digital trail...

I put in 10,000-plus hours of programming time while earning my Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering.

When graduation rolled around I had worked as an intern for a start-up in the Silicon Valley, a Wall Street firm, and hopped around Europe while interning as a programmer in London.

I was lucky enough to graduate with a job offer from a Wall Street firm, but my intuition was telling me that the economy was shifting in ways we couldn’t comprehend, and I had always wanted to start my own business, so I turned down that job offer.

My parents and peers thought I was crazy to chuck away such a stable career, especially because the first business I started was all about my passion for healthy eating.

I mastered online marketing...

While growing my first business, being my quirky self, and wearing a witch’s hat in my videos, I built a website that now boasts 750,000 yearly visitors and over 1 million page views.

Soon my readers and clients were asking me how I had grown my healthy eating business so quickly, how I set up my website, and how all of these digital strategies really worked…

Answering their questions led to the creation of this second business, which quickly grew to a six figure consulting company and continues to grow and expand.

I'm focusing on developing our AccessAlly software, so I'm not taking on any individual clients. However, you can hire one of our highly skilled AccessAlly experts to help you.

I infuse everything I do with my strengths, values, and quirks:

  • Strategy without empathy isn’t worth following
  • Competitive results stem from original ideas
  • Simplicity sells: if you can’t understand it or explain it, don’t do it
  • Fun, creativity, and love in business make it all worthwhile
  • There’s no such thing as too many books or too many ideas
  • “I make shit happen” is a sweet melody to my ears
  • Launching is not a business model, but it can kickstart a business
  • Women in business and technology will change the world
  • Off the charts business results are possible for you, too

I work with driven, creative, and passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners who are here to make their mark on the world.
I know you’ve got ambition to spare, you’re a leader, and you understand the profit potential and exposure available for your business online.


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Official Bio

Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been making web sites since she was 12 years old. She graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street, but she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college.

As the founder of AccessAlly, the powerful digital course and membership solution for industry leaders, she believes that access to education can help defy stereotypes and make the world a better place, while providing a sustainable livelihood for enterprising teachers.

Nathalie has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, and Mashable.

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Photo credits: Amanda Todesco Photography

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"Nathalie Is A Natural Leader"

Nathalie is such a natural leader, and she's committed to always bringing her best to everything she does. Nathalie's ability to answer tough technical questions when it comes to launches, web sites, and analytics is remarkable.

Nathalie was a guest lecturer for our B-school program, where she taught students how to create their own web sites, set up an email list, and track their results. She went above and beyond to take care of our students by answering questions, and making sure everyone was taken care of. The feedback we got about Nathalie's training is that she makes online business and technology easy and doable.

Nathalie knows her stuff, and I'm happy to have her as a guest teacher and trainer.

-Marie Forleo, Founder, http://MarieForleo.com


"Nathalie blew me away with her ability to put herself into the minds and hearts of my visitors."

Your empathy and integrity made it easy for me to trust you. You understood my vision of my website as a place where people feel welcome, at home, and truly supported in their journey.

You blew me away with your ability to put yourself into the minds and hearts of the folks who visit my site, and with your skillful and practical ideas for how to make my website more helpful to them, and easier to navigate.

Hiro Boga, Business Intuitive, http://hiroboga.com


"A Perfect Combination of Strategy & Heart-Filled Intuition"

If you're ready to really take your business to the next level, you know you need a perfect combination of excellent strategy AND heart-filled intuition.

Nathalie has the ability to fuel both sides of you so that your creative endeavors can become a reality. She listens with a perception that is unique and fine-tuned so that she can draw out of you the deepest ideas, give them clarity and depth... followed by the steps you need to make them come to life.

-Laura Hames Franklin, http://LauraHamesFranklin.com

Ishita Gupta

"Nathalie Lussier is the real deal in online strategy."

"She combines serious business acumen with an ability to disarm you and focus directly on your needs. Her tech videos have given me the relief and insights to move forward in my business.

Often, the behind the scenes of building a business can deplete you - Nathalie shows you how to focus on what matters, learn only what you need to know, and gives you the training to take yourself from exhausted to productive.

Her training is unmatched because she's a business owner herself. She intuitively knows the psyche, needs, and goals of the entrepreneur. I highly recommend working with her if you want to play a bigger game in your business."

-Ishita Gupta, Confidence Consultant + Founder, Fear.less Magazine, http://ishitagupta.com

Erika Lyremark

"Nathalie is a World-Class Launch Strategist"

If you are building a world-class company, then you need to hire a world-class launch strategist. Nathalie is that person. Don't waste time thinking about it, just do it. She rules this court.

-Erika Lyremark, Author, http://ErikaLyremark.com

Laura Belgray

"A Gifted Model and Mentor"

Nathalie is that rare creature who's both genuinely super-nice, and laser-sharp with business and sales. She's a gifted model and mentor for anyone who feels "icky" about selling. When it comes to online business marketing, and what makes people say "yes," she always has the answer. She's pure genius.

-Laura Belgray, http://talkingshrimp.com

Chris Guillebeau

"Nathalie Lussier is dangerous."

If you get the chance to work with her, don't delay!

-Chris Guillebeau, Author, The $100 Startup,
The Art of Non-Conformity, The Happiness of Pursuit


"Delivers Laser Focused Insights on Strategies for Growth"

Nathalie is a brilliant business mind. She has an incredible knack for gathering all the necessary information, then delivering laser focused insights on exactly the right strategy required for growth. Best of all, she gives clear direction on how to integrate the necessary steps, so you know exactly what to do AND how to do it. Genius.

-Nisha Moodley, http://nishamoodley.com