Newsletter Writing Tips – Save Time Writing Your Newsletter By Leveraging Your Blog Content

Newsletter writing tips

While there are tons of newsletter writing tips out there, very few people have time to both blog and write a newsletter. What’s a busy business owner to do? Leverage your content, of course!

Here’s the premise: you spend a lot of time writing, filming video plus editing, and refining your blog content. And while you might think that everyone reads your blog, very few people keep your site open and hit refresh every few minutes to see if you’ve posted something new.

However, the people who raise their hand and opt-in to your email newsletter are waiting to hear from you. They want to read and watch your content, learn from you, be entertained by you and be kept in the loop.

Newsletter Writing Overwhelm?

Do you ever feel dreadful when you’re about to sit down to write your newsletter?

That’s where making use of your blog content comes to the rescue! This is one of my top newsletter writing tips because it doesn’t actually involve writing a separate newsletter.

Let me show you how to set this blog to newsletter system up using Mailchimp. You can also do this in Aweber, my other recommended email marketing service provider.

Blog RSS to Email Newsletter in Mailchimp

This is the RSS Merge Tag Cheatsheet you’ll need.

More Newsletter Writing Tips and Email List Building Advice

Email newsletters are fascinating to me because they are integral part of an online business (and an offline business that wants to make it online).

If you don’t yet have the number of people on your email list that you want, check out my “Build Your List” training.

What are your Newsletter Writing Tips?

If you use your blog content as your newsletter, how is that working out for you? Has it saved you time? Helped you focus more on creating good content as opposed to lots of it?

If you want to see how I use this idea in my own newsletter (I use a different technique for my blog and newsletter) then sign up here.


12 Responses to Newsletter Writing Tips – Save Time Writing Your Newsletter By Leveraging Your Blog Content

  1. Hi Nathalie, I love alll your posts…They are always so practical and useful for my biz… 2 questions: Do you have a link to other mailchimp videos on your blog? I don’t see a search box to look.

    Also, I already had my web developer create a blog campaign already but I like your version better. Where in the admin do you find the actual template he made to modify it? Mailchimp confuses the heck out of me!!!


  2. Thank you so much for posting this. It is very informative and helpful to people like us. Some of us in the Philippines are having problem like this but you helped me. Thank you very much! :)

  3. Hi Nathalie

    Thanks for this really useful post. I wonder, do you need to put in any specific RSS Merge Tag to draw in the Featured Image? When I test my email it doesn’t pull in the featured image. I tried using the *|RSSITEM:IMAGE|* merge tag but that didn’t seem to work either so I wondered if you had a solution you might offer.

    Thanks for providing this video and thanks in advance for any help you might offer.

    Kind regards