The Power of Walking Out

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

If 80% of success in life is showing up, does that mean that 20% of success in life is walking out?

Obviously there’s more to success than showing up and walking out, there needs to be inspiration, vision, and probably work in there somewhere too.

Last week-end I was sitting in a three day motivational sales event. I call it a motivational sales event because it was truly a free event designed to sell you into higher end programs.

I personally love signing up for stuff and investing in myself, so there’s nothing wrong with events that sell. I’m totally cool with those.

However, this week-end I experienced something akin to discovering that you’re capable of saying at two years of age. It’s amazing to be able to say no!

Walking out helps you create space for something else…

I discovered that I not only would benefit more from going home and spending time with my man, eating some good food, and getting ready for my week ahead… but that I actually felt empowered by walking out of this event. By walking out I’d be making space for more good to come in.

Now hear me out. During this week-end, I learned that the only way to get outside of your comfort zone is to step outside of it. Wahhh? The idea is that the answer to getting outside of your comfort zone must be outside of your comfort zone to begin with.

During many of the motivational parts of the event, we were told how special we were for being there. For sticking it out. For stepping outside of our own comfort zones and being there.

Yet, there was a part of me that told me that staying there in my seat was actually staying in my comfort zone.

My comfort zone was to stay. My comfort zone was telling me to be a part of this group of people, here listening attentively. Repeating words, saying yes, and being a part of the crowd.

When I said no, and walked out of that room I felt like a teenager who figured out her self-identity. Maybe I wasn’t rebellious enough in my teen years (I did spend a lot of time on the computer!) but this realization was a turning point for me.

Walking away in other ways…

I’ve also seen the power of walking away in other situations. For example when a potential client came to me after refusing to pay a colleague of mine. That situation was the perfect time to walk out, and it made space for clients who value my work and that of my colleagues.


Or how about letting go of a writing gig because it was no longer in alignment with where I was going? Totally worth walking out because of the space it created for more of the right writing opportunities to come in.

Other times it’s as easy as taking a break from being inside. Whenever I travel to events and conferences I make it a point to go outside and get some sunshine. I swear it helps to actually retain all the knowledge from the event.

The same goes for my daily walks with my sidekick Millie.

What powerful ways might you need to walk out?

There are all kinds of places where showing up is the way to go. What situations are you ready to walk away from?

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