How to Scrub Your Todo List

Today I have a fun video for you that’s all about scrubbing your todo list. What does that mean? It means removing items from your todo list that don’t need to be there.

Watch this video and see how!

Scrub Your Todo List

Using the 80/20 Rule

Once you have a better understanding of where your income is coming from in your business, and where you spend your time… you can use the 80/20 rule to eliminate the tasks and projects that aren’t winners.

Over to you now…

You don’t need to film a video in your bathroom… but I’d love to know what you discover about your business by doing this exercise! Leave a comment below.


15 Responses to How to Scrub Your Todo List

  1. You are adorable!

    Thanks for all the great tips. Your videos every week my fav – short, sweet, and actionable.

  2. Holy cannoli Nathalie, you’re sat in a bathtub! *picks self up off floor*

    When it comes to to-do lists I’m a master. I have notes all over the place and I’m really trying to cut down and focus more on the doing part. For me, this is the difficult bit. Thanks for the vid. :-)

    • @Matt Logan Hey Matt – holy cannoli indeed! ;) Thanks for sharing that the doing part is the most difficult for you, it’s true that it’s not the most obvious area.