How To Make More Sales On Your Web Site in 4 Easy Steps

If you run an online business, chances are you’ve scratched your head and asked yourself how to make more sales, whether you run a product or service business.

Depending on your online business model, you’ll definitely want to sharpen your marketing and sales skills. Luckily, this post is all about making sales online (something a little less scary than cold calling, oh my!)

Here are my top 4 tips for how to make more sales online via your website.

How To Make More Sales

How To Make More Sales By Using Words People Know

If you’re a coach, say you’re a coach. I know a lot of other people use the word, and you want to be different. But if you don’t tell people what you do in terms they can understand, they won’t hire you! The side benefit is this will also improve your search engine optimization.

Call your shop a shop, not a “place to gain new insights”… Even if you do provide insights or other services, make your navigation as straightforward as you can.

Don’t try to be cute. (You already are, darling!)

Keep Options to A Minimum

Don’t overwhelm people: a confused mind always says no. A simple user interface on your web site is best, and fewer navigation or buying options tends to perform better.

Limit buying options to 3-5 packages, products, or services.

You will make more sales online by simplifying your options. I’ve definitely found this to be true in my experience.

Make More Sales By Being Specific

Don’t talk about “changing lives” (even if that’s what you do) instead focus on specific problems you solve. That’s too abstract, and potential clients won’t be able to see if you’re a good fit for them.

Ex: how to find and marry your future husband, as opposed to “attract love”.

Use very specific words, and describe specific situations or problems. Don’t beat around the bush or keep it general because you think that will net you more clients and customers. It won’t.

How To Make More Sales By Using Customer Words

Use the words your existing customers and readers use to describe the problems and solutions they’re looking for.

As an expert you’ll use different words, so it’s important to talk to other people before you write your web site copy.

For instance, as a technical person it’s easy for me to slip into techy jargon and forget not everyone gets it. But when I speak to my ideal clients and customers, I hear the words they use to describe their problems.

How To Make More Sales Online – What Are Your Tips?

Do you have any techniques or tips that helped you increase sales on your web site? I’d love to hear them in comments, we’re all here to help each other out after all.

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