#122 How We Quadrupled Our Sales Conversions Overnight

Off The Charts Business Podcast

Today I’m going to talk about how we quadrupled our sales and our conversions and how you can use the same concept in your business too.

In the past I’ve talked about what a good conversion rate is for your opt in and for your online sales. But today I want to share how we actually quadrupled ours with a very simple idea.

First, let me set the stage: we’re talking about our internationally bestselling WordPress plugin called PopupAlly Pro. The free version of the plugin has over 10,000 active users, and it has been featured on a number of cool and happening WordPress blogs and directories. We’re really proud of it.

Unfortunately, our initial strategy of linking back to the sales page for the Pro version wasn’t converting as well as we’d like, and I suspected that the sales page wasn’t doing the Pro version justice. So we changed our strategy and ended up quadrupling our conversions.

Listen to the episode to learn about the strategy we found that worked and how you can apply the same concepts in your own business.