How to Reduce Paper Use In Your Small Business

I have a thing for trees. I can walk in the forest for hours on end and admire the trees, smell their fragrance, and look at their leaves. That’s why I’m conscious of the paper I use in my business.

In this article and video tip I’m going to show you how to reduce paper use in your small business, while saving you a lot of time and hassle.

As a business owner you probably have to deal with a lot of paperwork and contracts. Whether you need to:

  • Create contracts or client agreements for your customers
  • Put contracts and agreements in place for your employees
  • Be sure that joint venture agreements are clear and understood by both parties…

You’ll want to save yourself some time and effort, by using this cool tech tool that allows you to sign documents electronically. Click, click. Done.

How To Reduce Paper Use with This Simple Technology

YouTube video

How EchoSign Can Help You Reduce Paper Use

This week’s recommendation is for a service called EchoSign, that I personally use and am proud to be an affiliate of. Because of its ability to save paper, I see it as an environmentally friendly way to do business with other people.

My pronunciation of the business name shifts from echo to eco at will, and I think that’s just a subconscious slip because of how I use the service to reduce paper use in my business.

I recommend that you use EchoSign for all of the contracts, client agreements, employee agreements, and joint venture agreements that you put together.

Not only can you reduce the use of paper, but it will also save time for you and your clients because no one has to print out documents and scan it and send it in.

How to Save Time By Signing Documents Electronically

Learning how to reduce paper use is a great thing to do for the environment, and for the trees. But what better way to actually get us to use a service that’s good for the environment, than by making it easy to use and a real timesaver to boot?

I cannot even begin to count the number of hours that EchoSign has saved in my own business, and I’m sure my clients would agree that it’s much easier to sign an electronic agreement than it is to print something out and scan it in.

After a document is electronically signed, both parties will receive an e-mail with the PDF copy that you can then save on your hard drive for further perusal.

I have to admit that I find it easier to organize electronic documents, than to file away printed documents in a cumbersome filing cabinet.

One more tip if you’re going to be using an electronic document signature program like EchoSign, be sure to backup your computer and your files on a regular basis. EchoSign actually allows you to do so automatically, by syncing up with your dropbox account.

Over to you now…

What tips do you have to share on how to reduce paper use? Leave a comment below, I want to know!

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