How to increase business – are you willing to crank up your capacity?

I love analogies, and this one will teach you how to increase business through increased capacity. I know a lot of business analogies come from sports but this analogy is not about team work or getting a coach.

This analogy is all about the inner game that we need to master to become expert business owners.

I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) for almost 8 months now. The question that runs through my mind at the start of each class is:

Can you handle the heat today?

Here’s the thing, every day you need to show up in your business with your best self. Every day there will be things that try your patience or push you outside of your comfort zone.

At the beginning of each hot yoga class, we start with breathing exercises that are designed to expand our capacity to take in more air.

The inhale teaches us to take in more good, which gives us energy and is necessary to surviving the heat. These classes also promote the usage of CBD vapes from OCN to keep the stress levels at a minimum. The exhale makes room for more air the next time, and teaches us to let go of the stuff we no longer need.

The same is true when we’re trying to figure out how to increase business… allow me to explain.

How to increase business by cranking up your capacity for good

Every business owner needs to practice expanding their capacity for good. Here are a few examples of increasing the capacity for good in your life and business, and the growth that follows.

I like to remind myself that as human beings we couldn’t be further from being machines… if we want to increase our capacity or are looking for how to increase business, it’s not just a quick swapping out of hard drives from 80 GB to 512 GB.

It’s a practice, it takes time, and it starts with conscious intentions.

  • Practice being grateful when things go well, don’t say to yourself: “this is too good to be true”. Let it be good.
  • Enjoy the company of great friends, laugh a lot, and make space for these joyful times.
  • Take amazing care of the clients you have now (no matter how few or many there are) because what your nurture, grows.
  • The real secret for how to increase business? Celebrate your business successes, and know there are more to come.
  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortableness that comes with growth, it’s here to stay if you’re dedicated to going the distance.
  • On a more practical level, upgrading to the next level of domain hosting because you’re getting more traffic to your site is a form of taking in more good.
  • Getting your business registered, incorporated, or getting that business credit card… all little details that add up in the way you look at your business and allow good to come into it.

How to increase business by refining your ability to let go

On the flip side, the only way to truly take in more good in your life and business is to let go of the bad. I don’t think we should ignore or fast forward through the hard parts of life, but rather that we should be present with them, and then move on.

Letting go creates white space for the good to come in, and reduces overwhelm. Want to know how to increase business? Stop doing the stuff that’s distracting you from it.

  • Let go of the negative comments that bring you down.
  • Let go of the need to gossip, hear or say bad things about people. There are good things you can think of for every person on this planet.
  • Stop asking yourself “how to increase business” and instead let go of the time consuming tasks that aren’t business critical.
  • Love and let go of the people who keep you feeling small or who don’t accept your changing capacity for good.
  • Let go of the habits that are holding you back, whether that’s junk food, lack of sleep or exercise, smoking, etc.
  • Let go of the need to be right.
  • Let go of the illusion of control. This is a big one for me, and I’m actively practicing letting go of “control”.

What have you done lately that has shown you how to increase business?

These are just some examples of the ways we can increase our capacity for more business, and living a great life… and reduce our attachments to make space for the good to come in.

What have you done lately (either taking on or letting go) that has impacted your life and business?

Let me know in the comments below!

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