What are domains & web servers, and why you need both.

If you’ve ever wondered “what are domains” and “how are they different from web servers”, then this post is for you! It is my strong belief that the more we can understand technology, the better we’ll be able to use it for good in the world.

In today’s video I show you a visual explanation of domains and hosting servers. You should watch this quick video if you’ve:

  • Ever wondered why you need a domain name registrar
  • Ever asked yourself how come you are paying two different companies to have a web site
  • Ever been confused about domain forwarding, DNS servers, and more…

What are domains & web servers

YouTube video

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Before you buy a domain name, read this!

If you’re considering buying a domain name and setting up a web site, you need to know how to name your business or blog first. It’s no fun setting up a web site on one topic and realizing that your audience responds better to another topic, or that you prefer writing about something else.

Of course, the good news is that you can always forward one domain onto another if that happens!

Still not clear on what are domains or web servers? Ask me in the comments!

I’d be happy to answer your domains and web hosting questions in the comments below, so hop to it!

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