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  • Recommended Resources To Make Goal Setting for 2015 Fun, Profitable, and Soulful

    I love this time of year. For me, it’s all about introspection… taking a look at what was amazing about the last year, and what you want to do differently in 2015. Over the week-end, I took some time to tune into what’s really important. What matters, and how I can rise to the occasion…

  • How Much Should You Invest On Advertising?

    A business isn’t a business if you don’t have any clients or customers. So the natural inclination is to start advertising your company in the hopes of "getting some." You might be tempted to start running Facebook Ads, pay for a sponsored spot on your favorite blog, or maybe even... put up a billboard?! So…

  • Intuition in Business: Do You Track Your Greatest Hits?

    Whether you know it or not, you’ve got intuition. Now, you might not recognize it as such but there is a part of you that seems to know when something feels off and when something’s a good idea. Even when it’s not logical to your practical brain. Intuition in Business Sometimes in business we get…

  • How To Plan A Product Launch Timeline

    You have an amazing product or program in the works, and you know it’s time to launch it out into the world! The problem? You’re not sure how much time it’s going to take to launch, and how to fit it into your calendar so it has the best chance of really being a success.…

  • Launch Checklist: What You Need To Do Before You Launch

    I’m not a fan of blueprints and formulas in business, because everyone’s business is different. But there are times when having a checklist to run through is a good idea. Like before you jump out of a plane with your parachute. (That’s what launching can feel like many times!) 7 step launch checklist for your…

  • How To Prepare A TED Style Talk

    You probably know that speaking on stage is a great way to grow your business... and you've probably fantasized about giving your own TED, TEDx, or TED Style talk, too. Maybe you've decided to put off pursuing speaking opportunities because you're not sure how to land speaking opportunities. Or, you're not sure exactly what you'd…

  • Writing Emails That Get Results

    Today I’m going to break down the anatomy of a successful sales email. Once you've built your email list, it's time to start sending out great emails, right? There are tons of different ways to use psychology and copywriting tricks to write emails that convert to sales, but they don’t always feel good. Writing Emails…

  • How to Solve Business Problems… Using Programming Tricks

    Today, I’m talking about the power of talking to inanimate objects, to help you solve problems in your business. Let me start with a quick definition of a software engineering practice called “rubber duck debugging”. Don’t worry, you can benefit from “rubber ducking” even if you’re not a programmer! Rubber Ducking and How It Works…

  • 3 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Bootstrapping Your Business

    The definition of bootstrapping your business is to use existing resources to go from startup to successful enterprise. Most of us solopreneurs and small business owners don’t pitch our companies to big venture capitalists to raise funds, and as a result we tend not to grow as quickly. But we also retain full ownership over…

  • Go From No Clarity To Lucid Living Without Being Seen As Another Dreamer

    You have big dreams, but not enough clarity to get there. Here’s how to live into them without being just another dreamer. I love dreaming up big things. But I’m not just a dreamer, I’m also a doer. One thing that can keep you stuck in dreamland without any results to show for it, is…

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