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  • Learn To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

    In this episode of Off The Charts, we’re taking a look at a skill that’s going to help you grow your business in unimaginable ways. And counter-intuitively, it all starts with saying no. In the early days of your business, it pays to say yes. Yes to projects and clients you’re not sure will be…

  • How To Design An Ecourse That Delivers Results

    Thinking about creating an ecourse? Here’s how to design an ecourse that delivers results… How many ecourses have you bought that you still haven’t finished? Come on, admit it… more than one, right? I’m guilty, too. How To Design An Ecourse That Delivers Results You don’t want any of the courses that you’re creating to…

  • Sales Page Headlines That Work! Does yours?

    The best copywriters on the planet know that headlines matter… so much that they routinely spend 50% of their writing time just to craft the perfect headline. You might have experienced a really powerful line of copy that grabbed you by the guts and wouldn’t let go, until you read the sub-headline, the first paragraph……

  • How To Ask For What You Want In Business

    Let’s face it: business is all about relationships and connecting with other people. These people are your clients, your peers, and your greatest asset. Think of them as allies. But what if you’re not sure how to connect with the people who can help you move your business forward? How do you introduce yourself when…

  • How To Design a Business Funnel That Works For You

    Do you ever wonder how come certain things go out of fashion, and then come back years later? I’m not talking about bellbottom jeans or patterned dresses, today, though. I’m talking about the “business funnel”. It’s really interesting for me to put on my observer glasses, and take a look back at my years in…

  • Proof That Accounting Is Sexy

    It's tax season, and that means that you're probably looking at your accounting systems (or lack of them). Maybe you're considering whether you should hire a book keeper (yes!) or work with an accountant (double yes!). I thought it would be a good idea to share why I believe that accounting is sexy, and how…

  • How To Make Your Goals Happen

    If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you have a vision for your business. You’ve made big bold goals. But you’re a little stumped because you don’t quite know how you’ll make it all happen. You might have heard the advice to focus on your “what” and that you shouldn’t get caught up in the…

  • How To Design a Membership Site That Sells

    I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning. Online courses and membership programs are some of the best ways for us to stay current and learn new things, in business and on the personal front, too. You might have considered running or already run online courses of your own. How To Design a Membership Site That…

  • SEO Basics: Why Search Engine Optimization Is The Feminine Approach To Getting Traffic

    Search engine optimization (SEO for short) gets a bad reputation for being ever changing and super complicated. Hmm... sounds like what most men say about women too: ever changing and complicated. So maybe search engine optimization: the practice of optimizing your website to show up in the search engines more often, is really something that…

  • From Failure in Business To Multi-Million Dollar Company

    Have you ever thought that failure in business could be a good thing? I've previously shared my take on failed businesses that act as skeletons in our closets... And in this episode of Off The Charts, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelsey Ramsden, who was one of our fantastic speakers at Off The Charts…

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