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  • How To Add An Opt-in Box At The Bottom of Your WordPress Blog Posts

    You've seen it on all the big blogs, and you've heard it can boost your conversion rates… but how do you add an opt-in box at the bottom of your blog posts if you're not tech savvy? With WordPress, you're in luck! There are a lot of plugins that can come to your rescue that…

  • Should You Use Pop Ups?

    As a polite, ethical marketer... the question becomes "Should you use pop ups?" to grow your email list. I have to admit, I’m pretty biased when it comes to popup forms because my husband and I are the creators of PopupAlly, a WordPress plugin that helps you build popups and other opt-in forms on your…

  • 7 Unconventional Birth and Business Lessons From A New Mom

    I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest family member: our daughter Tegan Li, who was born on March 15th, 2016. I’ve been meaning to share the whole experience of becoming a mom with you, and the business lessons that came out of the whole experience… But I’ve also been learning the ins and…

  • 38 Things Nobody Talks About When Launching An Online Course

    I've earned over a million dollars from creating and launching online courses. To get to that point, I’ve done it all: launching an online course in the health and wellness space when I was brand new, selling evergreen products that are always for sale at low price points, and creating high end programs that cost thousands…

  • Behind The Scenes In Online Business: What My Team Looks Like Today

    Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in online business on a day to day basis? Like who does what, how many people are back there making things happen? What does it really take to build a successful business anyway? I do. I'm super curious about every business I encounter. I'm lucky…

  • Dear Online Business Owners

    I'm writing this because you're a part of our shared online business owner community, and something has recently come to my attention that I think is really important to address. It's about plagiarism and respecting each other's intellectual property. I want to start with a story about my own experiences with copycatting and "borrowing" from…

  • How to Break Out of A Rut

    We’ve all been there… you start off going in one direction and soon everyone recognizes you for it, and it’s hard to break free. For example, if you’re known as the go-to expert in furniture design, it might be hard to get the world to recognize you as a talented chef. If you’re here, it’s…

  • How To Get Over FOMO

    FOMO: fear of missing out. You’re always going to see other people doing great things in their business or personal lives, especially in our hyper connected world. But let’s face it, the only way to move forward with your life is to put your blinders on because you can’t be in several places at any…

  • Off The Charts Live: Business Insights From The Front Line

    Sweaty palms. Music pumping. Heartbeat accelerating. 180 women and men, friends, colleagues, new acquaintances, and wicked smart business owners. Thousands of miles traveled, thousands of dollars spent to get there. For both of us. All of that nervous anticipation evaporated when eyes met, hugs were exchanged, tears shed in unison. 3 days of transformation, insights…

  • Business Growth: Is Your Business In The Awkward Growing Phase?

    Picture this: you’ve created a new business, and things are starting to gain traction… you’ve got some clients, maybe you’ve created a product, and you’re marketing your buns off. From the outside your business is growing at a great pace, and you’re happy with your progress. But on the inside of your business, it’s a…

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