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  • Video Marketing: How to Use Video to Market Your Business Online

    Photo Credit One of the first things I remember from my childhood is standing in front of the home video camera my father bought to chronicle our family life (there's no way I was thinking about video marketing back then!). I would dance, sing, and talk about eating peaches without the skin on them. These…

  • Art of Non-Conformity Book Review

    This is a quick video review of Chris Guillebeau's "Art of Non-Conformity" book. The Video Review The Written Recap First, I need to say that I'm a voracious reader, and for the past 3 years I've been reading upwards of 52 books per year. So keep that in mind when I say nice things about…

  • New Dork + New York = New Nathalie

    I feel like fall time is the perfect time for re-invetion. Making lots of changes. Big ones. This is my new site, and as I like to call it the new inner sanctum of the entire operation. (That's a Get Smart reference, yep yep.) So what's my new equation? It's about integration, and bringing my…

  • How to Stop Compartmentalizing Yourself

    Have you ever felt like you are living a bunch of separate lives? One part of you the is “work” person, the other part of you is the socializer, another part of you is the artist... but how do they all integrate? Photo Credit Let's turn on the time machine... When I was 15 I…

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