Why Being Back in Square One in Your Business is a Good Thing, Even If You’ve Been in Business for Years

The setting is a dark corner in a coffee shop, in a city, mid-winter. The aroma of mint tea fills the air, and the group gathered around the table consists of five female innerpreneurs.

The conversation steers into the direction of branding, and explaining what you do in your business to potential clients.

When it looks like you’re moving backwards…

Tara Joyce explained that her branding changed over the years, but that lately she’d gone back to what felt like the original position she started with in her business.

I felt her pain, it was as if she took all of these steps forward only to end up at the same place she started out.

Jamie Ridler chimed in with a truism that struck the heart of every evolutionary entrepreneur in the room:

“You’re never at the same place in your business, because life is a spiral and even though you might be at the same part of the circle you’re at a much higher place.”

Bam. It hit me like a tree branch.

I didn’t want to admit it, but since I’ve recently changed business directions, I’ve been feeling like I’ve come back to the start.

You see I’ve been making web sites, and creating on the web since I was 12 years old. This online stuff is almost old-hat to me.

Over the years I’ve gone through many re-inventions, working at different companies, taking on different roles, putting on pointy hats, and now I’m back at it again.

I’m back to getting techy with the web, and helping people with their web presence.

The difference this time? I’ve taken all of my experience setting up and running my raw food business, and parleyed it into invaluable marketing expertise that helps new business owners.

In the past I may have designed web sites or helped people find technical solutions that worked for their businesses.

Today I help people with similar things, but with the added focus on marketing.

Very few designers and programmers understand marketing and selling on the web. I should know, I used to be one of them!

This realization gives me a lot of power in how I see my evolution as an entrepreneur.

If you feel like you’re still at square one…

If you have ever felt similarly about being “back” to where you started, take a look at what subtle things are different.

For example, if you feel like you’re still stuck in your job but you’ve been meaning to start your business for months… think of everything you’ve learned in the meantime, and all the fuel you’ve been accumulating to really kick butt once you get going.

That is something worth celebrating!

I’d love for you to pass on this spiral analogy, because it might just help your friends along their journey.

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