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Social Media Time Management Tools

Photo credit Social media is a great way to connect with more people and boost your business connections… but one thing is often lacking when we get started: social media time management tools and techniques. I’ve been on both sides of the social media pendulum: Being super social media obsessed and spending most of my…

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How to Post to Facebook and Twitter

Have you ever asked yourself how to post to Facebook and Twitter in just one step? If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend tons of time doing repetitive tasks on social media. Lucky for you, this week’s video is all about how to post to Facebook and Twitter using a cool service called…

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Creating Fame – Using Social Media to Become Business Famous

What if it were possible to stop chasing after business, and instead new business deals and clients started coming to you? Creating Fame Video with Laura Roeder That’s exactly what Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame program can do for you and your business. Laura often jokes that people tell her they don’t want to be famous,…

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