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i032 Astrid Mueller – From Insurance To World Class Design Brand Matters

In this episode, we get to hear from Astrid Mueller, a lovely and enthusiastic lady who’s armed with different tools and tips for the fashion industry and beyond. I love her passion and her excitement! In this interview, Astrid shares how she decided to challenge herself and make her childhood dreams come true. Of course,…

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The Firestarter Sessions and Danielle LaPorte

I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I remember reading that “you earn money in proportion to how much value you bring to the world” and I nodded, and figured that I understood the concept. But if there’s one person who really gets this concept, and who has brought a lot of amazing shifts to…

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How to Name a Business or Blog in the Digital Age

How to name a business: Google, zazzle, groupon, bing, squidoo, yahoo, flickr… what’s in a name? Photo credit If you’ve been pondering how to name a business or blog for awhile, you’re not alone. When it comes time to set up a web site for yourself, the unlimited combination of letters can be overwhelming. You…

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