The Firestarter Sessions and Danielle LaPorte

I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I remember reading that “you earn money in proportion to how much value you bring to the world” and I nodded, and figured that I understood the concept.

Danielle laporteBut if there’s one person who really gets this concept, and who has brought a lot of amazing shifts to the world it’s Danielle LaPorte.

Danielle is a fellow Canadian, and I’ve had the joy of hearing her speak several times now. Each word is artfully chosen, and delivered as a drop of rain in a dry desert. You just want to gather and soak up Danielle’s wisdom.

So of course when her book The Firestarter Sessions came out, I was an eager bookworm.

Danielle’s speeches have inspired me to shift gears, start new projects, and let go of tasks that didn’t feel right.

Her book takes her brand of badass business wisdom to a deeper level. I find myself just opening it up at random and getting exactly the exercise or piece of advice I really needed.

My Video of the Firestarter Sessions Book Review

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Take a look at my “work” from one of the exercises

I’m a super curious cookie, so I love reading what other people answer to these types of exercises. I figured you might enjoy a random set of answers from my “homework” doing The Firestarter Sessions, too.

1. When someone at a party asks you what you do, what do you say? And how do you feel when you say it?

I run an online business where I consult with and train people to get more traffic, improve their website conversions, and make more sales. I’m also a writer, and I’m working on my next book about women, technology, and business.

I feel expansive, welcoming, and often like I need to explain how I do all of this techy marketing “voodoo” to people who aren’t in this space. I always want to leave people feeling like they understand what I’m talking about, so I’m usually very attentive for questions.

2. What do people thank you for the most often?

Most of the time I get thanks for making technology simpler, for having the ability to see and set the big vision of a project, and for knowing what to say to help people get unstuck.

I’ve also gotten some awesome compliments on my voice in videos (thank you!), and generally my ability to break things down in a very digestible and learnable way.

3. One word: breakthrough. What comes to mind?

Breakthrough comes when you surrender to what is, and stop resisting your current feelings or emotions. I’m also seeing breakthrough as busting out of a cocoon, like a butterfly about to be set loose.

I’ve often heard that you need to breakdown before you breakthrough, and that makes sense but I don’t think we need to dramatize the breakdown. We’re all going to have ups and downs, especially as entrepreneurs on this roller coaster ride of emotions. Why put too much of a point on it?

What was your favorite part of the book?

If you’ve already nabbed your copy of The Firestarter Sessions, tell us your favorite part or exercise in the comments below!

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