Email Game Review – How To Spend Less Time On Email

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My clients and business friends often mention their email overload situations… but what if we could turn things around using something as simple as making an email game?

As children, we used to turn everything into a game. From tea parties with faeries, to jumping over sidewalk cracks to avoid crocodiles, and playing hide and seek all day long.

Children are a lot less stressed than we are as adults, and maybe the common element is this playfulness.

E-mail overwhelm and e-mails stress is definitely a reality for many business owners today. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead of looking at your e-mail as another sobering part of your todo list, a why not take a more playful approach?

That’s where the email game comes in.

The Email Game In Action

YouTube video

Click here to check out the email game.

How The Email Game Works

The Email game is simple and free. You simply enter your email address, and you’ll be asked to login with your existing e-mail account to approve the connection.

Once you start playing the email game you’ll immediately see how adding a goal to your inbox zero routine can make it less daunting.

The e-mail game tells you how you’re doing by showing you a different smiley face as you progress through your inbox.

This app is designed to save you time as you process your inbox. As you know, I’m a huge fan of inbox zero and sometimes I can achieve inbox zero on my own, but other times I enlist the help of the e-mail game to get me there.

Eliminate Distractions So You Can Focus

The email game really allows you to focus by creating a time crunch of 45 seconds per email, so that you get through your inbox faster than you might otherwise.

The main benefit as I see it is that you don’t have time for distractions. One of the things that most of us get bogged down with when it comes to e-mail, is that we need to go check out a bunch of different things in our inboxes.

Sometimes that means that there are new blog posts or videos to watch, or that we need to do some research before we reply to someone. The email game forces you to react and reply without spending too much time doing research.

The other thing about using the email game, is that you can use it to open up and archive all the e-mails that have links to things that you want check out, by opening each link in a new tab.

Then when you’re finished processing your inbox, you can just look at all the links. This makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something before I reward myself by spending time consuming content and watching videos or reading articles.

I also feel that this takes some of the sting out of seeing a large number of new e-mails in your inbox, which can be a very overwhelming thing to wake up to.

Your turn!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to head over and play the email game now.

Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed the game, and if you plan on using it more often!

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