List Building Tips – Why Build an Email List for Your Business

Welcome to a new series of list building tips I’m running for the next few weeks. You see I often get questions like “Why build an email list?” and “Won’t my subscribers just think I’m spamming them?” and most especially “Which email management system do you recommend?”.

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Why Build an Email List (Part of the List Building Tips Series)

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If you have an online business or an offline business, you need to be keeping track of your potential customers and existing customers.

Why? So you can nurture and build a relationship with them. Why? So you can get to know them better and create solutions that will help solve problems or bring them closer to their goals.

Why build an email list when you have social media?

Social media is great, I love it, and it works wonders to get people curious. But it’s not the most reliable way to get in touch with people on a consistent basis.

If you post a message on Twitter, the likelihood of someone being online at the same time and reading that message is very low, especially if the person is following many people.

Similarly on Facebook if you post an update, people might not even see it depending on how busy their news feed is.

Not so with email. Yes, people can get overwhelmed with email and they might do a mass delete every now and again (called email bankruptcy) but they usually read their email.

List Building Tips mentioned in the video

I mentioned a couple of cool things you can do when you’re building an email list.

One of them is list segmentation, the other is creating an email course, and I also told the story of how I made 5 figures from sending an email to my list.

There are many list building tips that make us look at our lists as money-makers and business assets… and that’s great, but we need to remember that these are amazing individuals who have their own wants and dreams. They’re not just numbers on a list.

Stay tuned for the next video in the list building series…

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