Underdogs? There’s Another Way.


Many of us feel like underdogs. We look at successful players in our industry or the world at large, and compare our resources or talents.

If you think about it, the underdog is something that is indoctrinated into us early on in our culture. We love underdogs, because we can relate to them and we want to be the underdog who overcomes all obstacles. They don’t give up.

So many sports movies have the classic rookie up against the established champion, or the team that doesn’t have a chance… and we all feel so happy when the underdog comes out on top at the end of the movie.

Here’s why you need to stop thinking of yourself as an underdog once and for all.

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There’s another way

Thinking of yourself as an underdog undermines all of the abilities, strengths, skills that you have, because it constantly puts you in comparison mode.

You know you’re in that underdog state when you look at someone else’s success and say to yourself: “What a lucky bitch!”

I’ve often found myself thinking like an underdog in my life and business. Hoping to play with the “big boys,” wishing I could overcome all the odds, and become a self-made woman.

By the way, the self-made person is a myth too… none of us can achieve incredible things without other people in our lives.

Only when I stopped trying to be David overcoming Goliath, I was able to just focus on doing the stuff that works to get me the results I wanted my business.

Why do we want to be the underdog?

The reason that we all associate so much with the underdog is that all of us feel like there’s a little something missing inside of us (or like we would do better if we had more training, resources, or support). Hint: we all feel that way, even the people we consider to be the top dogs!

But it’s exactly this attitude that keeps us stuck and keeps us from achieving what we want to achieve.

It keeps us in an “us versus them” mentality, that robs us of our creativity and ability to take massive action.

So if you often find yourself judging and putting down rich or successful people… how can you expect to be one yourself? Tweet it!

Not to get all paranoid on you or anything, but I think that we get fed this “underdog propaganda” through the media because it keeps us in a continuous pattern of complaining and fighting against the current people in power… instead of figuring out how to increase our own wealth and power, so we can change the things we don’t like about how the world is run.

Taking action

Underdog quoteMy assignment for you today, is to stop thinking of yourself as an underdog… and start seeing yourself as the incredible human being that you are.

Think of yourself as the uber successful business owner that you are becoming, and all the different ways that you can really kick butt in business and life.

Cheers to all types of dogs out there, and humans, too! Thank you so much for watching every single week, I love creating these videos to help you take your business off the charts.

Now, I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know that you’re done with the underdog syndrome!

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