Are You A Serial Entrepreneur?

Letting GoDo you get bored doing the same old stuff, or have multiple passions as an entrepreneur?

If you’ve realized that you can’t seem to stick to one business idea, market, or business model… you’re not alone, and there’s nothing wrong with you.

You can call it being a serial entrepreneur, a multipassionate entrepreneur, or even an evolutionary entrepreneur. The good news is that it’s more common than you think, and it might even work to your advantage.

Benefits of Being a Serial Entrepreneur

My itch to evolve

I learned this through experience, and it was lovingly reflected back to me through my husband as he watched me go from business idea to business idea.

“You seem to have about an 18 month limit to doing the same thing in your business,” he said.

He was right. Looking back at The Raw Foods Witch, I was solidly focused on getting the site and business up and running for 18 months… and then I started to get the itch to start Nathalie Lussier Media Inc., when people were asking me for more tech and web focused content.

So while I kept the site up and running, I shifted my focus.

During the first 18 months of this new business, I was primarily building a web design firm and team. I realized this wasn’t quite the business of my dreams, and I decided to shift into a consulting role, which I did for a few months before entering into new territory again with my first live event, Off The Charts.

At that point my consulting offerings morphed into the Daring Business Cultivator, including retreats and ongoing monthly sessions.

Next, I’ll be working on more writing projects and repeating some of my favorite projects from this year that I care about the most. And after that… who knows!

The good thing is that I have a solid foundation, and having a business branded around my name means that I can shift my business offerings without too much effort.

The art of letting go

None of these shifts and bigger income levels would have been possible if I hadn’t learned the art of letting go.

Learning how to let go of what isn’t working is one of the hardest things you can do, but it’s even more important than adding in the things you want to do more of.

It makes space for your next thing. You can’t hold onto something else until you let go of what you’re holding on to right now.

Sometimes that takes a leap of faith, especially if your current business or projects are paying the bills. When I stopped doing web design there was a period of time where my income dropped significantly while I got married and moved.

But because I had built a solid foundation, with strong relationships through my email list, I was able to ramp things back up quickly and the same is possible for you.

Taking a leap of faith

So if you’re afraid of feeling flakey for wanting to change your business topic or business model, fear not! When you focus on service first, and building strong relationships with an ever growing audience and email list, you can pivot and bring your people along with you.

In my case, many of my raw food readers became customers and clients of my new business, because they wanted to come along for the journey. So don’t leave people hanging if you plan to shift gears in your business, bring them along on your new adventures!

Over to you now!

Now, I want to know your story! Have you ever switched businesses? Do you have a built-in limit for how long you can spend doing one thing? Leave a comment below, I’m super curious!


45 Responses to Are You A Serial Entrepreneur?

  1. You’re speaking my language Nathalie! I call myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur :D. My first venture was Pet Sitting, which changed quite radically to web design (because I had to learn that for my first business) which is now morphing into small business consulting, specialising in getting clear on your business idea and clarity on your profitable passion. I’ve switched to branding under my own name so that any future changes in direction don’t require such an upheaval, I can simply add new offerings and remove those that don’t work anymore.

  2. Nathalie, thank you, thank you, thank you for today’s post. :)

    I’ve been going through these cycles for years, going from Traditional Chinese Medicine and bodywork, to web design, back to TCM, then full power into my personal training practice, certifying as a Yoga instructor and then graduating as an Ayurvedic practitioner.

    Lol, this reads like a bio, doesn’t it? A friend finally pointed out that all of these modalities play well together.

    My attention span is much better now that I’ve combined my passions into one entity that allows me to move and flow freely within while my clients get what they need.

    It was important for me to have that openness and still deliver great value.

    It’s so good to hear I’m not the only one who get’s restless on the path we set out to be on.

    • I’m so glad this resonated with you Claudia! It’s amazing how much we try to fit ourselves into these small boxes, when we’re really multifaceted and beautiful evolving creatures, right?

      So happy you’ve found a way to blend and evolve everything together! :)

  3. Absolutely agree with everything you said here. I’m a multipassionate myself, and I have about a 18 month to 2 yr window before I need to shake things up a bit. In my experience, it seems like alot of my people will come along for the ride when I make changes, as long as they aren’t super drastic. For me, as long as I can make some changes and shifts (even if it’s mostly something only I see) I can feel good about that and feel like I still have the freedom to do what I need for myself. Thanks for all of your great posts!

    • Thanks for sharing your story and how you’ve been able to make shifts in your business Candace! It’s so interesting that we seem to have a pretty short cycle, but it’s totally awesome when we recognize it!

  4. This… Sigh! Wanting to do many different things has been my major struggle in business, and it’s the reason I’m finally transitioning towards using my own name more (instead of identifying by the names of my sites).

    I’m making an effort, too, to present new endeavors as projects, rather than “my life’s one true passion.” I feel this will better anchor others’ expectations and assure myself that I’m not failing or flaking when I get the itch to try something new.

    You make a great point that starting something new doesn’t necessarily need to be starting from scratch. Despite my projects having different target markets, my list has been so receptive and encouraging as I’ve let them in on what I’m doing next.

    Anyway, thanks for this. It was just what I needed today!

    • Aww so glad to hear that Stephanie! It’s great that your audience has been interested in your new projects (and so true that how you frame these matters – no “this is my final destination” necessary).

      Glad you’re using your name more, too! :)

  5. This is my third business in 12 years so I wouldn’t call myself a serial-preneur but instead someone who likes to evolve and go with the flow. And thank goodness I did! I would have suffocated if I had stayed in my previous business!

    Evolving and changing is part of life and fighting (or not going with) this evolution can be a total inspiration, creativity and growth killer!

    Happy Thanksgiving Nathalie,

    PS: I’m grateful for your fun & inspiring videos and that you are lighting the way for women entrepreneurs by shining your own glorious light & sharing your wealth of knowledge.

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you too lovely! :)

      I always love seeing your comments, and hearing about your past businesses is also really inspiring. I’m sure you would agree that your intuition will tell you (if you’re listening) when it’s time to move on.

  6. Hi totally agree Nathalie! it’s so hard to let go of something that is working and making you money to go for your next big idea without knowing if/when it will be profitable!! I actually don’ want to let go of what I do, but we want to add another branch to our business so that we can help more people with their website needs. I feel like we’ve worked so hard to get to where we’re at Olivier and I and yet it’s not enough, it’s not where we want to be with our business. it’s not really a limit for me, it’s more that we are realizing that this side of the business is not very scalable (and you had told us about that :) ) but it’s a good place to start creating a real relationship with our audience.

    • I totally hear you on that Nathalie! I think there are some things that you need to do when you’re getting started in business to establish yourself, that you can kind of know you won’t be doing for long/for ever.

      So glad you’ll be adding other ways for people to get your genius! :)

  7. This is so on-target to where I am right now!

    Last month, I decided to let go of my "Magick Oil" aromatherapy argan oil business because I found Gaining Space (the organizing and feng shui) to be more rewarding! Over the past year, I would catch myself doing small (and distracting) things to keep up the argan oil business, when really I wanted to be concentrating on building my "Gaining Space" biz. So, here I go, concentrate concentrate concentrate! ;)

    Thank you for this well-timed validation that I've done the right thing in letting that business go.

  8. I often second guess myself and I’ve been a closet serial entrepreneur (with serious self-confidence issues) ever since high school. Hence I’ve never been able to see things through or ride them to their ultimate success before I get bored, frustrated or find “a better” business idea. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. My husband often gets frustrated with my “lack of career stability” and direction, but he’s still my biggest fan. One day I’ll nail it – everything I’ve been working at the last 18 years of my life does have a purpose!! I know it!

    • I totally hear you on this Kelly. I know for a fact there’s a way for you to blend your passions and gifts into a viable business. There just needs to be a big enough “why” or motivation to get you on the follow-through path! :)

  9. I haven't scrapped any businesses, but I've re-invented my business several times. I started out selling handmade pagan products, then my art, then life coaching. Now I'm going for a total merge of everything I am.

  10. In the middle of a switch. I see so many people go through the same thing! Closed the handmade babystuff webshop I had for 12 years in September last year. Did all kinds of courses this year and now I am working on a new blog, finally. Want to write about my creative lifestyle and share creative businesstips. But most of all: I want to have fun! They say the money will follow, can’t wait to see if that’s true!

  11. Hi, Nathalie

    The first business I started was Internet Programming, and I was a contractor with it for a few years.

    Nope, it wasn’t the business of my dreams and I let it go.

    Second business was a Film Production company – hard to survive in that industry, so that one faded shortly after one year.

    The third business I started – and worked – was the J’Ouellette® French online coaching. Pays the bills and I’m in the 3rd year of self employment. I love her dearly, because she keeps me self-employed ;)

    But I’m planning to branch out from it into an entertainment business – online web-series – that will have to go hand in hand with the French coaching.

    Not sure how it will be, but, being an actor, and wanting to build my acting business all along, I will find a way to have J’Ouellette help me put my face out there on the inter-webs. She’s my best ally.

    Thanks for this, it was fun :)

  12. Thanks for this Nathalie. I've had business in my blood for years and have had tried so many ideas, it's crazy! I tend to switch paths when I get to the point where I have to invest money or step it up and then I drop everything, get scared and run on to the next thing – well not anymore, I'm in your LI&P group aren't I?!

    I recently rebranded all of my business back to my name as well. I feel really aligned with this and ready to get over my fear of success and rock the biz I'm in for a while!

    I can't wait to see what you do next :)

  13. I do love your videos, but you asked for a thumbs up on You Tube. Does this mean I have to go seek you out on You Tube to do this? It seems an awful lot of work. Some direction please? Thanks.

  14. So glad to hear you're stepping past the uncomfortable (investing money and stepping up) to get to the other side Naomi! You've got eager customers-to-be waiting for you and your greatness! :)

  15. Great video, Nath! Any advice on knowing when it's TRULY time to let go of a business? I'm running two and self-employed in a third. I know the one I am considering ditching (but haven't yet because like you said, it's income that is needed right now) is the one I plan to let go of in the future, once things are more financially stable with my other ventures. Should I wait it out, or let it go? Time management is getting tough!

  16. I love these videos Nathalie! It's like you are talking directly to me. I started a personal blog that is evolving into a blog about Minimalist Living since I'm writing my second book on the topic! I also have a separate coaching website that I will probably evolve to be my name also so I can shift my offerings more easily. I think I also have an 18-month focus period, even to the point where I look back and see that I was in jobs (even my FAVORITES) for a max of 18 months. As soon I as feel like super comfortable with something, I long for something new and challenging. It's exciting to live like this, but you are right that people in my life sometimes feel whiplash.

  17. Thank you for this! I can’t focus on just one thing. Throughout my working life I have always taught music on the side. When I decided to be fully self-employed, my main gig was (and still is) personal training. A year ago, I added jewellery design to my list of things I enjoy doing :) My passions and hobbies are my businesses :)

  18. Hi Nathalie
    I’ve been subscribed to your feed for a bit, but have not taken the time to sit down and read/watch each one. So today I’m doing just that. This one resonates with me because I’ve seen this with someone close to me. He self-defeats almost all of his ideas because he decides on “the way” and won’t let go of that. I compare this to something I heard as a kid about a monkey reaching into a jar to get a bit of food, but then can’t get his hand out because his fist is larger than the opening. If he lets go of the food, he can get his hand out, but he won’t have the food. Kind of a struggle.

    Thanks for your insights!


  19. Hi Nathalie! I am planning to put up my online business but I haven’t figured out what kind of entrepreneurship I’m going to take. I find intrigued about what serial entrepreneurship can offer. Seem that I might go and try with this one. P.S. I find the video very compelling.

  20. Story of my life, Nathalie!

    I am a multipassionate entrepreneur who went from… writing to photography to life coaching to marketing, and now some kind of hybrid of all of it, haha. And my limit is 6 months, unfortunately, which only gives me a while to work on something until something else comes along. But that’s not my biggest problem.

    As you suggested, I give people the opportunity to come along for the ride, but my latest pivot was a big jump from a male-saturated industry to female-saturated one, and it’s not even the gender, but the values are different. I’m struggling.

    Do you have any suggestions beside start from square one?


  21. I love what you’re doing Nathalie! I can totally relate. I finally feel as if all the pieces of the
    jigsaw are slowly, slowly coming together.
    I think that sometimes you do have to flick certain interests to the side-but feeling ok that one day they will be re-visited again.


  22. Ohh, story of my life, Natalie. I had this blog setup but had no idea what to do with it. I have always jumped from one job to another and one business idea to the next. I guess you answered my question because for years I am struggling with Why I do that. Now I understand and you gave me my AH HA moment. Thank you very much. I will be starting my blog all over again. This time I know what my niche will be. Thank you again.

  23. Hi Nathalie,

    This is right on the money, the fulfilling story of my life! I struggled with trying to figure out the direction, but deviating from my passions or conforming were not options. I am so thankful my type A personality and passion to pursue my dreams has propelled me into building an amazing company where my supporters,, customers and I can enjoy all of my brands.I thank my friend and post like this for giving me clarity and a “title” for an answer I now have. SERIAL-PRENUER or MULTI-PRENUER. Good luck to everyone, keep creating and building. We are just individuals who take a chance to wake up from the dream and capture it!