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Get Links – The Online Currency Most People Don’t Talk About

Photo credit Did you know there’s a hush hush online currency that very few people talk about – that those in the know spend hours or dollars on, and all to get links back to their web site. Web links truly are like the hidden currency no one talks about on the web, unless you’re…

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How To Google Analytics: Set Up Goals for Conversion Tracking

Yay, it’s time for another quick video how to: Google Analytics goal tracking and set up. This is perfect for you if you’re ready to start tracking how many people sign up for your newsletter and from what pages on your site. This quick Google Analytics tutorial assumes you’re rocking out a WordPress site, and…

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WordPress SEO: How to Add SEO to Any WordPress Site

They say “seek and ye shall find”… But that’s only true for your potential clients when your site is set up to be findable. That’s where WordPress SEO come in. If you’re not optimizing your wordpress site for search engines, your competitors will be the ones that show up first and thus get the business.…

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