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#097 How to keep your motivation

Are you avoiding moving your business forward today? Maybe you are experiencing writers block, or not sure what your next step should be. Well I am here to help you solve the stuck, and show you how to keep your motivation, by sharing with you my secret trick that successful people use. Start a, “Why…

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Giving Up? Here’s What To Do Instead.

Today we’re talking about giving up and what to do instead. Are you thinking of giving up before you give it your all? Seth Godin calls this The Dip. It’s that really uncomfortable place that you get to right before you break through to another level. Let me give you a few examples of what…

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Instant Pick Me Up for Entrepreneurs and Creatives: Why You’re Awesome

Hey there. Did you find yourself here because you’re avoiding doing something that would really move you forward? Maybe you’re experiencing a little writer’s block. Or you’re video shy today. Maybe you’re just not sure what your next step should be. Either way, you’re not feeling so hot right now. Dissolve the stuck, this is…

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