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A Human-Centered Formula To Make More Sales

At Off The Charts Live in June, I spoke with one of our speakers, Rebecca Rapple, who is an amazing business strategist and serial entrepreneur. In her presentation Rebecca shared the keys to making more sales using a simple human-centered formula… click play to find out what it is! Make More Sales With This Simple…

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Ready, Fire, Aim Book Review

I’ve done a few business book reviews in the past, but since my declaration that reading is sexy – here is my first in-depth book review. The title in question is Michael Masterson’s Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to 00 Million in No Time Flat00 Million in No Time Flat (Agora Series). Who is this book…

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How To Make More Sales On Your Web Site in 4 Easy Steps

If you run an online business, chances are you’ve scratched your head and asked yourself how to make more sales, whether you run a product or service business. Depending on your online business model, you’ll definitely want to sharpen your marketing and sales skills. Luckily, this post is all about making sales online (something a…

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