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At Off The Charts Live in June, I spoke with one of our speakers, Rebecca Rapple, who is an amazing business strategist and serial entrepreneur. In her presentation Rebecca shared the keys to making more sales using a simple human-centered formula… click play to find out what it is!

Make More Sales With This Simple Formula

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Rebecca on Selling

Selling is adding enough excitement, removing enough fear and then giving people an opportunity to take action. And the really interesting thing about this equation is that catalyzing change has exactly the same equation. If you want to make a positive change in your life and you’re kind of nervous about it because change is inherently uncomfortable and no one wants to do it, it’s built into our psychology. Well, for me, I hired a stylist a couple of years ago.

I remember thinking what if my friends make fun of me? What if it’s uncomfortable? What if people are like, you’re too dressed up now. I had all this resistance and what really needed to happen for me was I needed to think I have the capacity for more. I have the capacity for people to think, “Wow! There’s something remarkable about her.” And allow me to give other people permission to shine.

As soon as I got enough excitement about that and then got enough fear removed from my friends’ judgement, maybe this person won’t get my style, maybe I’ll end up being insincere to myself if my style changes too much. Then someone came up to me and said, “I’m a stylist, buy my services.” That’s all that it took. Suddenly, I had a stylist and my life got so much better.

So, what this means is that your job as a business owner is really, really, really simple. You need to increase excitement about the potential awesomeness for their life. You need to decrease fear about the uncomfortableness of changing for that. And then you need to create opportunities for them to take action on that excitement. And that’s really as a business owner the only three things that you need to do.

What have you learned from being a serial business entrepreneur?

I think that the biggest thing that I’ve learned is, is that as we grow and change in life, it’s only natural to expect that our businesses are going to grow and change and evolve with us. In the same way that we wouldn’t expect ourselves to be stuck in one rut in our personal life, we certainly wouldn’t expect our business to be exactly the same in three years.

And it’s really important to let not only your actual business but also your goals and your vision and your vantage point expand and change with you. And it’s okay if that means a pivot and eventually, I hope to find something that’s going to fulfill me in the long term. But it’s okay to have to make some pivots in order to get there right now.

What did you learn when you switched from one business to another business?

One of the things that I did was when I grew my first business, I was really done with it at the end. I was burnt out and so I just kind of left that business aside and let it die. And unfortunately, I didn’t give the people who were with me on that journey, the opportunity to step into something bigger for themselves. So when I started my next business, I started again from ground zero.

When really, I should have taken the people who were already with me, because they were there for me, not just for the services that I was offering, and giving them the opportunity to come in that evolution with me. Not everyone will but those people who don’t want to come can opt out and it’s not like you’re dragging them kicking and screaming. You aren’t doing any harm by inviting them into something bigger.

You can find more of Rebecca’s real deal insights at RebeccaRapple.com. The links are going to be below and come on over. I email somewhat sporadically but it’s always super high value content.

Over to you now…

Have you thought about making more sales from this perspective before? Do you do a good job of decreasing fear and increasing excitement? Let us know in the comments below!

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