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What Is An Ecourse?

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself what is an ecourse, because if you don’t know that ecourses exist you can’t ask yourself what they are. Today I wanted to explore the world of ecourses, what they are, who should be creating them, and why. What Is An Ecourse? When I first published this article and video…

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How To Email Your List Without Being Annoying or Spammy

Photo credit Today we’re talking about how to email your list without being annoying or spammy. This is the fourth video post in the list building tips series here at We’ve been talking about how to build a list, by creating free opt-in goodies, and going over what an ecourse is and can do…

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What are affiliates?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is this: what are affiliates? People often wonder what affiliates are, who needs them, how do they become an affiliate, and why would anyone consider affiliates? If you’ve ever asked yourself “what are affiliates” – and more importantly, should I be one… then keep reading. What…

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