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If you’re looking to download a free WordPress popup plugin, then look no further because we’ve just released the PopupAlly plugin!

We looked at the popup plugins that were out there already, we saw that they were either too complicated to set up, or that they didn’t have the functionality that we were looking for. So we decided to code our own!

Why Create a Free WordPress Popup Plugin?

In University I studied to be a Software Engineer. During internships I worked at various software companies, and realized that I didn’t want to be a programmer for the rest of my career (for many reasons). But at the same time, I still felt like my love of technology was a key ingredient of my mission on this planet.

Free wordpress popup plugin

So when my husband (who happens to be an incredible software developer) quit his job and joined my company at the end of last year, I had a feeling that we’d be diving into some software projects together in no time.

We decided to just pick one small doable project, to test out how we work together, and build something useful that we wanted to use ourselves that would be useful for other business owners, too.

If you’ve spent any time visiting marketing websites, you’ve probably seen lightbox popups and you might even have heard how powerful they are, too.

Our WordPress plugin is called PopupAlly, and it’s being released under our new software brand called AccessAlly. We’re “allies in business and life” and we had fun coming up with the new word, too. We’ll be rolling out new plugins and software as we create it and we’d love to have you along for the ride!

The Benefits Of Using a WordPress Popup Plugin To Capture Lost Subscribers

If you’ve never installed a popup plugin on your website before, then might not appreciate how much of a difference it can make to your list building efforts.

Most people have become blind to opt-in offers, and as such we as website creators and business owners need to continue to innovate. It’s not just a matter of making sure people don’t miss your opt-in incentives, but it’s also about timing your offer so it’s not annoying to your visitors.

One way of doing that is by using an exit-intent popup, like our free WordPress popup plugin PopupAlly.

How This Free Exit Intent Popup Works

Now PopupAlly allows you to have a popup appear after a set number of seconds, just like most of the popups out there. But what sets it apart is that you can set it to display only as someone is about to exit.

This is different from the really annoying dialogue windows that appear after you’ve tried to leave the site that say something like “WAIT! Don’t click away now…”

With exit intent, we can tell when someone is about to hit the back button on their browser, or when they’re about to close the tab or window.

This allows us to display a non-intrusive lightbox popup with an opt-in offer. These types of popups are awesome because they allow your visitors to consume your content, and to decide if they want to take you up on your email offer… or click away for good.

Free WordPress Popup Plugin Demonstration

Don’t just take my written explanations into consideration, take a look at our demonstration of this free WordPress lightbox popup in action:

So why are we giving this plugin away for free? Because I believe being generous in business leads to the best results in the long run. We’d love to get your feedback and testimonials after you’ve used the plugin for awhile on your site… and we also have a premium version of the plugin called PopupAlly Pro, which has more features and flexibility, too.

WordPress Popup Plugin Features

Now if you’re wondering what this WordPress popup plugin download will do for your website, we need to look under the hood to the features you can look forward to.

The first is the ability to add a simple and elegant popup to any of your website’s pages, and also to decide how often the popup should display. If the visitor clicks the little “x” button to close the popup, should it reappear the next time they visit? Or two weeks later? It’s totally up to you.

You can also customize the colors and text of the simple popup, so you can make it match your website’s design. You can also upload a small image to show a visual of your opt-in offer.

There’s an optional “thank you page” setting that lets you decide which page is shown after someone opts in. This allows you to stop showing the popup to those who have already opted into your email list, and keeps people from feeling hounded when they’re already subscribers.

This free WordPress plugin allows you to install two different popups, and you get to decide how to use them. They can’t both be shown on the same page, but you can decide which pages or posts should display which popup. This was a conscious design decision on our part, because we don’t want people to feel attacked by too many popups on one page.

The other features were briefly mentioned earlier: you can decide if you want the popups to appear after a set number of seconds, or on exit intent when it looks like someone is about to leave your website.

We have full PopupAlly tutorials here.

What Popup Plugin Results Can You Expect?

Now that we’ve talked about the technical side of things, can we show you what kinds of results you might be able to expect with the right opt-in offer after installing this WordPress lightbox plugin?

Take a look at one of our websites before installing PopupAlly and after.

WordPress lightbox popup

Pretty astounding conversion rates, as much as 5 to 10 times the original numbers.

So if you’re looking for a free WordPress popup plugin, you’ve just hit the jackpot with PopupAlly

(We’ve also got a premium version of the plugin available here: PopupAlly Pro.)

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