Marie Forleo B-School Review: Who is Marie Forleo’s B-School Right For?

So you heard about Marie Forleo’s B-school

Here’s my Marie Forleo B-School review, based on my experience as a longtime B-School student and past guest faculty teacher.

First off…

What is Marie Forleo B-School?

Marie Forleo's B-School

Obviously, no Marie Forleo B-school review is complete without an explanation of exactly WHAT B-School is… It stands for business school, but I think “B-School” sounds cooler though, don’tcha think?

Unlike most business schools though, you don’t come out with a degree and nothing to show for it… you come out with a business that works better.

Who is Marie Forleo’s B-School For?

Not to jump ahead in my Marie Forleo B-School review, but before we look at what kinds of results you can expect from B-School, we need to look at who will benefit the most.

Marie brought together the best experts to teach inside of B-School, and each module is designed to take a new or existing business through the steps to really leverage online marketing. The program is designed for the modern entrepreneur, man or woman, who is ready to start a new venture on the web or who has an existing product, service, or brick and mortar company and wants to make the most of the web to grow.

If you’re just getting started with your business, then you’ll love the “Start The Right Business” module that helps aspiring entrepreneurs decide what business to start, which is included in Marie Forleo’s Bschool.

So whether you’re a mom who wants to start a business on the site, or you’ve got an established business that could benefit from fresh perspectives about doing business in today’s day and age, you’ll absolutely benefit from B-school.

Why Bschool with Marie Forleo?

I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School because I knew there was a lot more I could be doing for my business, and I knew that a traditional business school wasn’t where I was going to learn it.

I wanted to get my online business foundation shored up, because I knew a lot of things but B-School really put everything into a step by step plan for me.

If you’ve done a lot of online courses, maybe you’ve done trainings where they told you this was the best thing since sliced bread but you never got results… it’s probably because you didn’t have the big picture action steps in place before you applied this specific strategy.

I’m thinking of things like Pinterest, SEO, Facebook Ads, all of these are great sources of traffic but you need a business foundation in place before you get into any of these.

Who is Leading Bschool?

Marie Forleo B-school ReviewWhen it comes to investing in yourself and your business, I have a pretty strict guideline. I only work with people who are successfully doing what I want to do, or have experience making what I want happen for their clients and customers.

Seems pretty straight forward, but there are tons of programs and books to choose from, so focusing in on those that are taught by people who are masters at their craft makes picking and choosing so much easier, and less stressful for me. Marie Forleo and her programs definitely fall into this category.

What I love about Marie Forleo is her ability to practice what she preaches. She’s been in business for over 10 years, she’s honed her marketing and coaching skills, and you’ll get a generous dose of both by participating in this round of B-School.

The Curriculum

Here’s what the course covers in terms of content, and each week there are strategic coaching calls, reviews, and other goodies to help you implement what you learn. Weekly Modules Include the Six Pillars of Building Your Online Business:

  • Profit Clarity
  • Websites That Sell and Don’t Suck
  • Slam Dunk Communication Plan
  • List Building Mania
  • How to Create Products and Services That Practically Sell Themselves
  • Marketing Wisdom That Works Across Every Industry

Want to know exactly what each module covers and the specific additional training master classes inside the program? No problem, just click here to see the Marie Forleo B-School curriculum in depth.

There are also implementation weeks, so you don’t have to feel like you’re drinking from a water hose of information. This gives you a chance to put into practice everything you’re learning so that you can begin to reap the benefits even before the course is over.

Why Marie Forleo’s B-School is Not Like Other Programs

I’ve taken my fair share of online programs, and nothing compares to Marie Forleo B-School. From the community of go-getting men and women to the variety of businesses and backgrounds… it’s truly a sight to see Marie Forleo bring together such a great group.

Everyone in the program is ultra supportive of one another, and there even seems to have developed a B-School economy, with many people becoming partners or providers of services and products to each other.

Beyond the social aspect, which is a huge benefit and advantage that I haven’t seen in many other programs, Bschool really cuts to the chase.

There are a lot of online programs “padded” with extra videos and content to make them appear more valuable. That’s not the case with B-school, and the training videos are short enough to be watchable and digestible.

Another benefit of taking Marie Forleo’s business school is something that few programs offer: hands on support, advice, and critiques. If you often feel like you’re too close to your business to get some perspective, Marie will zero in on your challenges and give you clear advice. She’s got a keen intuition, and years of marketing experience to back it up.

Should You Buy Marie Forleo’s B-School?

Marie Forleo BSchool

Alright, so I’ve waxed poetic and gushed about Marie Forleo and B-School till the cows came home… now it’s time for you to decide if it’s right for you. Just because it’s a great program, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for you right now depending on where you are in your business.

In my personal experience, it’s been the most beneficial to work with the leaders in their field. That definitely means Marie (did you know she was nominated for Marketer of the Year at the Digital Marketer conference?) and it absolutely applies to B-School.

If you’re on the fence or not sure if it’s the right investment for your business right now… take a step back, feel whether you’re anxious-excited or anxious-fearful. If you’re feeling fearful, then it might not be the right fit for you. That’s okay, there are times when it’s right and times when it’s not the right move.

If it’s more excited, and you’ve got the financial means to make this investment in your business… then it’s time to sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’ll be the first to welcome you aboard! If you’re not sure about the investment or what Marie Forleo B-School cost, I can definitely relate. It was a big investment for me, and I didn’t make the decision lightly.

But it has paid for itself back many times over, and I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without this training, support, and community.


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  1. Thanks for the review! Signed up through your link. Looking forward to an awesome course!

  2. Hi Nathalie! I just found out about you and your work last week and I am LOVING it! I am so excited for B-School enrollment to begin, and if I take the leap, I am most definitely doing so through your affiliate link! Gahhh I love your content! – Alessandra

  3. Hi Nathalie,
    Am going to sign up for B School and would like to do so via your affiliate link but I don’t see how to do so (your link above does not click through to any page connected to B School)……look forward to hearing from you……

  4. I'm really interested! I emailed you one question, and I'm also talking about it with my husband.

  5. I just signed up using your link. I am pumped and ready to shine. 2013 is my year to shine baby, no holding back only room to move forward. Also extremely excited to work with you.

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  7. Hi Nathalie,

    I’ve also just signed up using your affiliate link. I can’t wait to get started!


  8. When I was ready to sign up for B-School, I did some serious shopping around because so many awesome folks were offering great bonuses for B-School sign ups. It was a tough call, but I kept coming back to yours, Nathalie. Signed up and now I’m super excited to get started!

  9. Oh, I am SO excited…and really quite scared! I just signed up to B-school through your link Nathalie. This is the biggest investment I have ever made but this is what savings are saved for, right? So looking forward to working with you all. Thank you!
    Lizzie x

    • Lizzie don’t be scarred but be very excited and buckle up. Joining BSchool with Nathalie will make it soooooooo much easier and less overwhelming. I joined with Nathalie and to date she is still an incredible source to me and my business. You’re in good hands.

      Good luck!

  10. AHHH, I just signed up for B-School using your affiliate link. I’m hoping your bonus offers will help my business…I’m so excited I’m shaking!

  11. Hi Nathalie,

    So you’ll have to make space for one more on your growing list of B-schoolers! I just took the plunge and signed up via your affiliate link! Am super excited!

    Nic x

  12. Hi Nathalie.

    thank you for your bonus offer. I’ve just signed up b school through your link, as I’ve been following your videos, it’s my way of saying thank you and hopefully, I will be able to learn more from marie and your bonus offer. thank you very much for putting this together…can’t wait ! :)

  13. Hi Nathalie!!! I just signed up through your affiliate link! Thank you for all of your bonus offers and I can’t wait to get started!!!


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    I have always found websites SO challenging so I can’t wait to learn to master them, both within b school and with your online courses.

    Can you please let me know what I do next, or will you be in touch?

    Thanks Nathalie!

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  16. Hi Nathalie, I took the plunge and signed up through your link. I’m excited and ready to go! :) Really looking forward to next week! Kim xx

  17. Hi, Nathalie! I have made the leap! :) Looking forward to working with you and this group of amazing women! Cheers!

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  23. Hi,

    I signed up through your link! Excited and nervous at the time.

    Looking forward to connecting to the great community ! And putting some steps into action!


  24. Hi Nathalie!
    I signed up through your link as well- can’t wait to meet/work with you!!!

  25. Hi Nathalie! I signed up via your link on Monday. Look forward to working with you and being part of B-School!

  26. I did B school last year and I am excited to repeat it this year. The course is LOADED with everything we need. If anyone has any hesitations – I need to say the value is incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing / hearing Nathalie there this year!

    • Awesome Janet! Definitely make sure to sign up using my link (I’ll be emailing you on the first day of registration) – because I’ve got some awesome bonuses and goodies to offer for people who sign up with me. :)

  27. Hi there!

    I’m super interested in the program but was wondering where I can find the details of what the extended payment plan is like specifically, for I can’t find anywhere that tells me what the breakdown is. Hope you can point me in the right direction or let me know. :) Thanks!

  28. Hi Nathalie, Just to be clear, is the “Launch it and Profit” included as a bonus, or is it included for $995 in April? thanks

    • Hi Jen! Yes the “Launch It and Profit” course is included as a bonus when you sign up for B-School through my link. I will be opening registration for the course again in April and at that time the price will be $997, which is why it’s such a steal to sign up for B-School and get both Launch It and Profit on top of B-School. They’re very complimentary programs. :)

  29. Hi Nathalie,

    I checked out other affiliates but would prefer to sign up through yours for 2014. Your bonuses look amazing!

    Am I in the right section to register? It looks like comments are old, people are signing up for 2013 Monday, it’s 2014 Wednesday. Should I just register via this link from your email?

    To be clear I’d click and once it goes directly to Marie Forleo’s site and I’d register there?
    Sorry if this seems like a novice question (I’m not a tech person), I just don’t want to sign up and realize that you didn’t get credit, you know what I mean? Also, will there be an autoresponder or something confirming I registered for b-school through you?

    Any advice would be helpful.


    • Hi Lori!

      Yes absolutely – you click that link and sign up through Marie’s website there. I’ll be emailing you after you sign up (no autoresponder, but manual email) to make sure you’re in! :)

      So looking forward to working with you Lori!

  30. Thanks for this review Nathlie. Derek Halpern from Social Triggers has been blowing up my Facebook feed with Marie’s B-School and I wanted to know what it was. So thanks for educating me more!

  31. To those still sitting on the fence:

    I joined B-School through Nathalie in 2013 and I gotta say I am STILL getting benefits from Nathalie’s expertise. B-School was a game changer for me but with all of the things I had to do to start up my business, I didn’t get to take advantage of all that Marie and Nathalie had to offer. But now I am at a point where I can really dive in deep and it is so wonderful to have lifetime access to B-School and Nathalie’s content, especially since I am re-designing my website & getting ready for a launch! I am exploring Nathalie’s Digital Training Vault and I can’t believe how much great content there is for me to tap into.

    So if you are on the fence as to who to partner with when you join B-School, I would definitely recommend Nathalie especially if you anticipate looking for step-by-step guidance and best practices in designing your website & digital launches.

    Thanks so much Nathalie!

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  33. Hi! I’m super excited about registering to B-School through your link. I have a question: is the live event in NYC all sold out already or will there be room for whoever signs up through your link? Thanks! xo

    • Hi Aura! We’ve saved spots for people who are registering for B-School to attend Off The Charts Live. If for some reason we get too many people, we’ll find a solution. :) But we’ll do our best to make sure everyone can attend! It’s going to be amazing!

  34. Hi Nathalie:) I just signed up under you! I am so thankful to have your added wisdom in B-School, and grateful as well for all the extras you have added! Sincerely, Jamison

  35. When will we have access to the launch it and profit? Is it a week by week course that has a start date? Or is all the content available once we enroll?


  36. Hi Nathalie – I’m taking a leap of faith and I just signed up for B-school through your link. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and really like your style. I’m moving to Brooklyn in a few months and I look forward to connecting with you.

    BTW, it was lifetime Tutee that sold me! Wait, no. It was “off the charts” that cinched the deal. Wait…wait…it was YOU!

    Thank you so much,

  37. Thank you, Nathalie! I made a decision to sign up for B-School through your link. I am making an investment in myself and my future success. I admire you and am very excited to have you as a future guide as I learn the ins and outs of digital business. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the awesome bonuses you are including, they are AMAZING! Can you tell I am very excited about this? :D

  38. Nathalie!

    I just joined B-School and I am PUMPED! Thank you for tipping me over the edge as living proof; if you do the work and follow your passion, you are fulfilling your purpose. I am excited to start the journey with you, Marie and the gang.


  39. Hi Nathalie,

    I was thinking everyday …..Do I join or not.

    I really really change my life so I made a decision to sing up for B-school through your link.

    I’m very excited to join and have you.

    Thank you so much.


  40. Oh my…after a bit of back and forth over the last few weeks, Here. We. Go. I just signed up through you! YAY! Can’t wait! I live in Dallas, so I’m super pumped about your live event as well! Thanks, Nathalie! :)

  41. My heart is still pounding from the excitement… just signed up for B-School through your affiliate link. Can’t wait to meet the other fabulous ladies in the group!

  42. I like Mary Forleo but why is B School so women oriented? nothing wrong with that, but I don’t find one single male testimonial that gets me inspired as a male myself. Not that all the women that talk about their experiences are not a reason for me to feel inspired to enroll in this course, but just wondering if there is a caveat that we men should know about this training. Any ideas?

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    I just signed up for B School through your link after scouring every single bonus offer out there! Now I’m not sure if I’m more excited about B School or your awesome bonus offers!!

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    Anna from Australia!