Marie Forleo B-School Cost & The Evolution Of B-School (A Review)

If you’re reading this post it’s because you want to know what Marie Forleo’s B-School costs. I totally get it, and I’m going to tell you what the price of the program is, along with a quick trip down memory lane and the evolution of B-School over the past few years.

The reason I’m starting with a Marie Forleo B-School review is that I often have clients and readers who look at someone like me or Marie, and compare themselves.

It’s easy to look at someone’s polished website and videos, like the ones from B-School, and say… “Oh, I’ll never be able to get there!” Or worse, to compare yourself and think that it’s not worth starting down this entrepreneurship path because you’re not coming out of the gate super polished.

As you’ll see, Marie and her team have evolved a whole lot over the past few years, and the brand has changed quite a bit too. So it’s totally okay to start with where you are right now, and grow your own brand and business over time!

You should also note that it’s extremely rare to see an online course or program that has had the longevity of Marie Forleo’s B-School… not to mention the success rates of its’ participants.

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Year 1 – Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo partner to create the first round of B-School, under the Rich, Happy, and Hot brand umbrella

Marie Forleo B-School Cost

This is the first year of the program, and a few hundred students are enrolled inside B-School. The course is a huge success, and the marketing materials for the launch break all the rules, proving that online marketing is one thing these two women know a lot about.

Year 2 – Laura and Marie repeat the B-School program again, this time with all new marketing materials and dance videos

Marie forleo laura roeder bschool

This second round of the program was a collaboration between both Laura and Marie’s teams, and was the first million dollar launch of B-School. Over a thousand students are enrolled, and the B-School program is quickly gaining momentum! The B-School launch becomes known for having lots of elaborate dance videos, and really adding a lot of fun to the sales process.

The results from year 1 and year 2 grads are pouring in, and these early pioneers are creating their own massively successful businesses left and right.

Year 3 – Marie and Laura part amicably and B-School comes under the Marie Forleo brand

After having two powerhouse women business owners working together with different visions, we see the marketing materials for B-School heading in a new, more serious direction with Marie Forleo taking the helm.

The course content itself is fully re-mastered and new guest teachers are invited into the program. They include Nathalie Lussier at the technical helm (that’s me!), Amy Porterfield talking about social media, Melissa Cassera covering PR, and Derek Halpern talking about conversions.

More B-Schoolers join the program than ever before, and the community inside B-School starts to take on a life of its own… and offers limitless opportunities to do business with other like minded entrepreneurs.

The Marie Forleo B-School cost and price stays constant throughout the different iterations of the course, and each person who joins gets lifetime access to the program. That means those who joined in year 1 and 2 have been going through the updated materials each year, and getting ahead in their businesses faster and more easily with each iteration.

Year 4 – The official Marie Forleo B-School course comes out, dropping associations with the Rich, Happy, and Hot brand

Marie forleo bschool cost

This year, the addition of the Start The Right Business module helps brand new business owners get started inside B-School. This is also the start of the Live Your Dream campaign.

Once again Marie Forleo and her team take their marketing skills to the next level, with a story focused mini-site that showcases all the success stories of past B-School graduates. The level of sophistication and large-scale organization required to pull off such a heart-felt human-focused marketing campaign is bar none.


I’m honored to be included as one of the Live Your Dream stories, along with my location independent digital strategy multi-six-figure business.

Marieforleo bschool

Year 5 – 2014 Marie Forleo’s B-School cost stays the same, and the program takes on a new more in-depth marketing feel that appeals to both men and women

Although men were always welcome inside the B-School program, this year the marketing materials are fully gender-neutral, and more success stories from the XY chromosomes side of the fence are included.

There’s also a brand new guide for physical product businesses, designed to help those who want to market their goods online even if they don’t have a service or digital product based business.

The bottom line? Each year, Marie Forleo B-School gets even better than the last. From the content inside the course, the community support that only gets better from year to year, and the ongoing additions for different types of business owners… it’s an incredible program, and enrollment is only open once per year.

2016 marie forleo bschool review

Year 6 – 2015 Marie Forleo’s B-School Videos Take Center Stage

This year Marie and the team focused a lot more on video… specifically more “real world” video. You’ll see more videos of Marie with her partner Josh and dog Kuma, along with more video testimonials from B-School graduates.

Forleo b school pricing

Year 7 – 2016 Marie Forleo’s B-School Members Area Gets a Makeover

Every year, Marie Forleo’s B-School gets better! And this year was no exception, with a brand new members area with an improved user experience, new content, and so much more. As you can see, the brand continues to evolve too!

Marie forleo b school payment plans

Year 8 – 2017 Marie Forleo’s B-School Program Review

As we look back over the years, it’s clear that the team and Marie herself have continued to evolve and get better at delivering life changing training to thousands of students all over the world.

Now as part of B-School, there are mentor coaches that are there to help participants get the most out of the program and get answers to their specific questions. Marie and team have really pulled out all the stops to entrepreneurial success!

2018 bschool price

Year 9 – 2018 Registration Opens on February 20th, 2018 and closes on March 1st, 2018

Evolution of bschool

Now the big question on your mind is still going to be what’s the price of Marie Forleo’s B-School program? And I want to make sure that you understand the value of the course itself, the invaluable community and built-in marketplace, and access to Marie Forleo’s know-how are all worth thousands of dollars more than the price of the course.

So here it is, the Marie Forleo B-School price to enroll is $1999. And it’s worth every penny, I know because I’ve invested upwards of $50,000 in my marketing education and $1999 is way more affordable than getting an MBA or a college degree that’s not kept up to date with the changes in the online marketing landscape.

You can either pay in full for $1999 or choose the extended payment plan at $199 per month. If you choose the payment plan, your payments will be automatically charged on the same date of the month every month. Again, they do not have any special payment plans outside of what is offered.

I understand that B-school is an investment, and that it’s a big step to take on a course like this.

Every year I put together a super helpful set of bonuses to help you get the most out of B-school, so make sure to check back here when enrollment opens in 2019!

B-School is currently closed for enrollment! Get on the waiting list here:


22 Responses to Marie Forleo B-School Cost & The Evolution Of B-School (A Review)

  1. Still deciding but be sure that if I do register, it will be with you. Your approach to all of this material is perfect for my business!

  2. Hey Nathalie,

    Love the article! I didn’t know B-School started that long ago. Do you know which started first; was it B-School or Marie’s main website? I was given the impression that she had started her main site first and them launched B-school….

    • Marie and Laura both had their own main websites before they created B-School together. :) B-School is a program that stands alone, but it definitely was born out of the other work Marie was doing with entrepreneurs 1 on 1 at the time. :)

  3. AHHH!!! I can’t wait to get started!!!! I’ve been dreaming of B school for 2 years now, and this is the year I make it happen! It’s time to do big things and I am so excited to have you tutoring me though alongside what I’m sure will be an awesome group of people! Will you still be offering tickets to Off The Charts Live this year?

    • Hi Natalie! Yay I’m so excited for you, it’s going to be amazing! And yes, I’m definitely going to be offering a bonus ticket to attend Off The Charts Live again this year. :) Can’t wait to meet you there and inside B-School. :)

  4. Thank you for all of this insight! It is empowering to see the transformation that B-School has made over the years – particularly in terms of showcasing the success of those who have completed the program.
    As an online blogger, I am definitely seeking to take things to the next level – hence why I applied to BSCHOOL.
    Feel free to like, share and comment my video application posted below:

  5. Hi Nathalie,

    Thank you for all the great info ~

    Unfortunately I have missed the March 2015 registration, having just heard about Marie’s school from the Hay House summit.

    When will the next opportunity be to register for B School?


  6. Hi Nathalie!
    I am currently enrolled in your 30-day list building challenge and also just signed up for Launch it and Profit. I’m considering taking B School as well. 2016 is going to be a fabulous year for my Animal Healing clients, students and practitioners!!

  7. Hi Nathalie, I’m still deciding to join B school. If yes then definetly through you. As I m absolute new to Internetmarketing and not having big bakround with the Computer I need support to really learn the steps from the very beginning on.
    But I feel it’s time to make myself visible and share my gifts with the world.

  8. So i don’t have a brand or a business, but I would like to start something so that I can be free from my job as a nurse. Will this help, if I’m starting with absolutely nothing?