Money Mindset Quotes: Discover What Money Loves

Money Mindset Quotes: Discover what money really loves <3 #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #womeninbiz

I’m about to share with you my favorite money mindset quotes, but they’re not your typical money mindset stuff.

If you love money, well we’re about to flip the table and talk about what money loves…

Money Mindset QuotesMoney can be a tricky topic for many of us: we all seem to have our own money issues.

We can get tangled up in our past relationship with money, not having it, not saving it, or whatever your story is.

But today I want us to take a different look at money.

Instead of trying to fix our relationship with money, why not look at things from money’s perspective? Because I guarantee that money itself is a lot less emotional and a lot more unbiased.

Money Mindset Quotes: Three Things I’ve Learned About Money

There are three things that I’ve learned about money over the last few years:

Money loves clarity.

Money loves speed.

Money loves to circulate.

Let’s take a look at each one and see how you can use these realizations to your benefit.

1. Money loves clarity.

What can you do in your life and business to create more clarity, especially as it relates to money?

For example, could you sort out all of your different bank accounts so you know exactly where all of your money is at all times? This is freeing in and of itself, and it also gives you a sense of ease.

Beyond that, can you make it more clear how people can give you money? Are your products and services really clear and easy to sign up for, or do you make people jump through hoops to buy from you?

Do people know exactly what you do, or are they confused about your business? The more clearly you can explain how you can help people, the easier it is for people to take you up on it and hire or buy from you.

Similarly, if you have a complicated payment process with 5 steps and plenty of hurdles, that keeps people and their money at bay.

2. Money loves speed.

I’m not sure exactly why this is true, but there’s something about money that loves to be in motion… and it feels like the faster, the better.

If you’re speaking to an interested customer or client, give them everything they need to say yes right on the spot. Don’t say you’ll get back to them next week. Don’t let them sit on the fence, give them all the clarity they need to say yes or no, and move on.

When I was doing a lot of web design, I would speak to many interested potential clients on the phone. Every now and then, I’d speak to someone on a Friday afternoon and wait until Monday to get back to them.

Those deals never worked out. Money has a sense of urgency built into it. It wants to make things happen.

If you drag things out, slow things down, or wait to see how things will turn, you’ll usually end up with no money exchanging hands.

That’s why launches work: they have a built-in sense of urgency. It’s also why you don’t want people to be confused or to think things over for too long, because if someone is waffling then they’re going to pass.

3. Money loves to circulate consciously.

This follows from the previous point, there’s something powerful about money wanting to feel useful.

If you’ve got money hidden under your bed, and it doesn’t have a purpose, then this money feels like it’s not being used to its full extent.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have savings, in fact I do think money likes to be saved. But only if you’re saving money with a strong intention behind it, if you’ve earmarked it for something.

If you think back: every time you’ve wanted to save money for something specific, you were able to do it. There was money there for it. Whether it was buying a dress for that special occasion, saving for a down payment on a house, or investing in a program.

That’s because you gave money a job, even if it was to accumulate, it was for a specific reason.

Money also loves to change hands. This means it loves to be spent, but just like saving if you’re not being intentional about your spending money won’t be there for it.

When you’re investing money into your business, it tends to come back to you. When you’re investing into yourself, it tends to come back.

When you allow it to leak out in less intentional ways, it will find its way into other people’s lives.

The distinction is that money goes where it is told to go, but if you don’t care or don’t consciously consider where you want it to go, it will leak out unconsciously.

Bringing awareness to how you circulate your money is another part of the clarity piece, and it ensures you’re making money feel welcome to circulate back to you.

What’s your favorite money mindset quote?

These are my discoveries about money as they stand today. I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below.

What rings true and resonates for you? What have you discovered about money? Share your favorite money mindset quotes in the comments below!

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