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Building Accountability

There’s something powerful about building accountability into your business or personal life… it’s what most of the successful people I know use to get the right things done. Even when they are faced with the same distractions in the same 24 hours that everyone else has.

Learn how building accountability into your life and business can transform your results, with accountability strategist Liz Brazier. Liz is an incredible leader in the field of productivity, accountability, and getting the right bleep done. She’s the host of a popular podcast on the topic, and I’m so honored to share her wisdom with you today.

Building Accountability: An Interview With Liz Brazier

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What Stops People From Using Accountability…

We’ve all heard the benefits of using accountability… And the definition of accountability is “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.” But how do you actually implement accountability in your life or business? That’s where the ideal vision we have for ourselves meets reality.

Liz’s first tip is to tell people about your goals and aspirations.

This is where posting publicly on your social media profiles, working with an accountability coach, or having an accountability buddy who will keep you honest. We tend to overcommit and easily forget what we originally set out to do, but when you tell the world or a few people in it, about your goals and specific actions you’re committing to, you’re more likely to follow through.

It’s important to be realistic

Liz brings up a crucial element to accountability: you need to keep it realistic for yourself.

Sometimes as go-getting entrepreneurs, we can take on more than we can realistically handle. We over-promise and over-commit, and that can take a toll on our health, our mental stability (hello, crankiness!), and our results.

For example, instead of saying “I’m going to finish writing my book” you should break down a big goal into smaller steps and seek accountability for those steps.

Take a smaller “bite” out of a project and commit to finishing that step within the next week. It’s still great to announce your big vision to the world, but to make your accountability work for you – commit to something doable first.

Choosing Your One Thing

It’s easy to get pulled in a ton of different directions, but setting your #1 priority will streamline exactly what you should focus on. Think about the key thing that will really move your business forward in the next week (or year!) and use that as your focus point.

Then set up ways to check in on your progress… either using a smartphone alarm with a word or reminder of your focus for the week. Or, having a coach or accountability partner check in with you.

How to be compassionate while building accountability

We tend to be really hard on ourselves as business owners with big dreams, so I asked Liz to share with us how we can be compassionate with ourselves and still be held accountable.

One of the things that Liz has found extremely helpful with her clients is that even if you don’t achieve the things you wanted to be held accountable for, at least you’re taking action and moving forward. This is a big realization, because without having set these accountability set points you might not have gotten to where you are now.

I know that personally this “giving myself permission to be where I am” is so important to not getting stuck. In fact, it’s what lets me keep moving forward even if I’m not meeting all the high expectations that I’d set out for myself.

Over to you now…

So now that we’ve talked about building accountability into your business and life… how about we practice what we preach? Leave a comment below and share with us just 1 thing that you’re prioritizing for the next week and we’ll keep each other accountable!

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