Multiple Six Figure Income Starts With Relationships

Multiple six figure income

I’m so excited to bring you an interview with two of our Off The Charts Live speakers from 2014, who built a multiple six figure income business based on the relationships they developed. During their talk, Jadah Sellner and Jen Hansard from shared exactly how their business became successful and the challenges along the way.

From Zero to Multiple Six Figure Income With Relationships

We share a clip of their talk where they explain how they got to multiple six figures.

How Became a Multiple Six Figure Income Business

“We asked our audience what are they struggling with. We did this through email where they’re going to respond with real great responses. So don’t be afraid to ask them questions through email. And how we phrased it was, “It’s been a busy few weeks, could you help us out? We have some questions we want you to answer.” So we asked them for their help and then we asked them a bunch of questions. We got hundreds of replies, went through them and figured out a common thing that they wanted from us next.

And that was they wanted to lose more weight because the 30-day challenge worked and they wanted to keep it going. But they wanted to see what else was out there. They wanted to eat healthier meals around the green smoothies. And they just wanted to know what the next step was because they’re hooked on green smoothies, what do we do now?

The answer to their questions and concerns was our Fresh Start 21-day Cleanse. We have recipes included for each meal, a weekly shopping list and a weekly meal plan. And Jadah and I are not cooks. So creating this was not for us. It was the first time we really went pro and hired that out. We found a holistic nutritionist that we could work with and that would understand our audience and listen to our needs too as parents and create a meal plan that was simple, that we could do. Not some crazy one or one where you’re starving because we need to eat and have energy for our kids and running a business.

Meg Thompson helped us with that. And then we hired out a professional photographer for the whole digital e-book. And that was a huge step for us. The photos are what sold our product – it was a great investment for us.

Our Fresh Start 21-Day Cleanse had a full launch cycle. How our launches go is in the first month we’re kind of in prep mode so that’s when we’re dishing out our regular content, free green smoothies recipes – that’s our evergreen content. What people know us for, what they come to us for.

And then next is our free 30-day Green Smoothies Challenge. So we’re even launching that. We say, it’s coming soon, sign up, letting you know and with the free offer, they get results and then we invite them to take the next step with us.

“If it’s a good fit for you, join us. We have a Fresh Start 21-Day Cleanse where you don’t have to think about it.” And then we fade out, thank them, celebrate them. We do this four times a year. So it’s a very clean step-by-step process that we know. We know our work flow and we also know our launch flow and how we interact with our audience.

And this right here is what made us multiple six figures.

Any tips that you can share with people on how to reach out to people online and form relationships?

First, I just want to say that I’m actually more an introvert on the spectrum. I’m actually really shy. So I think anything in business is being able to do something that scares you, that makes you that entrepreneur. And what really works for me is looking for people that I truly, authentically admire. I’m looking for people that I admire their business model or just what they’re up to, or they’ve actually made a difference and an impact in my own business. And I want to reach out and let them know how I feel about it.

People love hearing, “You helped me make a difference in my own life.” So that’s usually how I reach out by sending either a Facebook message or an email that says, “Hey, I really love what you’re up to in the world and I might have implemented this strategy that you talked about and it actually worked.” Being able to share when something that they share gives me results in my business, people love to hear that.

And then in person, I really don’t look for who should I know or who should I connect with in this room, who’s who, but just really want to dive into a deep conversation. I’m looking for conversations with depth over small talk. I love to ask people, “What do you love to do for fun?” It’s not, “What do you do and how can you help me?” I’m genuinely interested in people.

What are your top tips for creating images that get shared on social media?

First of all, each social media platform is very different when it comes to graphics. And that’s something a lot of people don’t realize when they’re creating a graphic. They’re going to apply it to all of the social media so Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and it’s not going to work. You need to think of each platform as a different graphic.

For starters, what we do on Instagram is we’re very organic and genuine with it. We don’t do many graphics on there. We just use our iPhone and we’re sharing that personal authentic side of us. And that’s the beauty of Instagram, that’s what it’s for. When we have a launch or something that we’re excited to share, we will throw on a graphic, every once in a while. But it’s a very simple one where we’re asking them to do one thing or see one thing. There’s only one focus for them.

And then on Facebook, which is a whole different site. People go there to digest information. There are a lot of people that use Facebook as their news source. You have the ability, as a designer, to give them more information off of that one graphic. We’ll figure out what article it’s going to relate to. There’s always strategy behind a graphic. It’s not just to share something and have them like it. It’s to bring them to our website.

If we’re creating an article about how to make your own almond milk, we’ll share a graphic about that and it will have the words on it probably because they’re digesting information there. And we just try to make it as pretty as we can with an awesome photo because photos are the thing that bring people in, that we get lots of clicks from juicy photos. Make sure the quality is great there.

For Pinterest, it is photo-based as well. I would say our Facebook and Pinterest graphics are very similar but for Pinterest you want them to be longer because you want to have more real estate when you’re on the Pinterest page. That way you can take over more space and people will see your graphics more on the page.

Thanks to Jadah and Jen for sharing their story and tips with us. Please go check out their beautiful site at

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