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When The Universe Speaks Through Joss Whedon Encounters

My life as a pre-teen was influenced by the prevailing message of the media at the time: stay within the acceptable girl parameters. The “be a good girl” stereotype was undermining my confidence and natural curiosities about what girls could and couldn’t do. Play with dolls, but not computers. Go outside but don’t get dirty.…

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The Firestarter Sessions and Danielle LaPorte

I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I remember reading that “you earn money in proportion to how much value you bring to the world” and I nodded, and figured that I understood the concept. But if there’s one person who really gets this concept, and who has brought a lot of amazing shifts to…

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When Girls Learn How to Fight With The Boys

“No problem,” the championship organizers said, “we’ll just put you in with the boys.” I remember the first Taekwondo competition I attended where there weren’t any contenders in my weight and age category. I was 13 years old, and I had a yellow belt. That was the first time I fought against a boy in…

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