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Hiring For Small Business – What You Need To Do First

When I first started my online business, I couldn’t imagine myself having employees or even contractors working for me. I thought I’d be a solopreneur enjoying the work from home lifestyle forever, but the reality is that having a team of outside contractors can help shortcut your business’ growth and save time. And sometimes investing…

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Headway Theme Review: A Versatile Drag and Drop WordPress Framework

I get a lot of questions asking me what theme I use and whether my site actually runs on WordPress, so I’m taking you behind the scenes in this Headway theme review. I’ve been making websites for 15 years now, and blogging for 10 (back when we called them “weblogs” and we updated static pages…

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Building The Future of The Web Takes Builders: Are You One?

When I say the word “builder” what comes to mind? Drudge work? Hands on work? Creative work? Photo credit Let’s take a step back in time… I was sitting in the audience at BlogWorld Expo, listening to Amber Naslund‘s keynote. She had the audience riveted and explained that we’re all really Wayfarers, forging our own…

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