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From Failure in Business To Multi-Million Dollar Company

Have you ever thought that failure in business could be a good thing? I’ve previously shared my take on failed businesses that act as skeletons in our closets… And in this episode of Off The Charts, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelsey Ramsden, who was one of our fantastic speakers at Off The Charts…

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#086 Off the Charts Series- Interview with Kelsey Ramsden

Do you feel like the connection you have with your audience, clients, suppliers and the people you work with is strong? If you have trouble answering with a resounding yes; maybe you should consider what Kelsey Ramsden, Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur 2 years in a row, said in her talk during Off the Charts 2014,…

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Visibility and Being Seen: Necessary Ingredients To Success Online?

One of the difficult aspects of running a business online is the need to put yourself out there. For people to see. For people to interact with. What I’ve learned in the past few years about my own visibility issues is this: there’s the everyday activities that you’re comfortable doing, and those lead to regular…

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