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How to Share Files Between Computers

Do you have more than one device or machine, and just want to share files between computers in a seamless way? Great! Because this free program I’m about to share is the easiest way I know of to sync files between computers, iPads, and other mobile devices. The best part is that you can share…

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Rediscovering the stylish geek girl within?

Photo credit This post isn’t necessarily about business or technology, but it’s something I think really relates to women in technology. After reading this great piece by Justine Musk on changing the game, and having a conversation about the topic of fashion for men and women in tech with my boyfriend Robin… I came to…

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WordPress Front Page Tutorial for a Static Welcome Page

Photo credit When you set up your blog on WordPress you probably went with the default, but did you know you can change the WordPress front page to be a static welcome page? It’s really easy, and depending on your approach to building an online presence, it’s a great way to position yourself and your…

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