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Marie Forleo B-School Review: Who is Marie Forleo’s B-School Right For?

So you heard about Marie Forleo’s B-school… Here’s my Marie Forleo B-School review, based on my experience as a longtime B-School student and past guest faculty teacher. First off… What is Marie Forleo B-School Exactly? Obviously, no Marie Forleo B-school review is complete without an explanation of exactly WHAT B-School is… It stands for business…

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Is Your Current Business Lifestyle Sustainable?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend Marie Forleo‘s Rich, Happy, and Hot Live event in New York City. It was held at the Urban Zen Foundation, where we danced, ate yummy raw chocolate, and drank copious amounts of coconut water. Now that’s my kind of event! Photo of a few of…

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New Dork + New York = New Nathalie

I feel like fall time is the perfect time for re-invetion. Making lots of changes. Big ones. This is my new site, and as I like to call it the new inner sanctum of the entire operation. (That’s a Get Smart reference, yep yep.) So what’s my new equation? It’s about integration, and bringing my…

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