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How To Teach Classes Online: What Tools To Use

Photo credit When I first started my business I wondered how I could reach more people with my teachings, and maybe you’re wondering how to teach classes online too. There are certainly many different ways to teach classes online, from pre-recorded audio and video, to PDF handouts or slides, but today we’re going to focus…

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Launching a Product? Here’s What You Can Expect

If you’re planning on launching a product online, then you ought to know what you’re getting into. Product launches are a funny beast, they tend to take a lot of effort, bring a lot of rewards, and leave you wondering exactly what just happened. That’s why I liken launching a product with riding a roller…

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How to Make a Presentation Fun & Prezi Review

Maybe you’ve discovered how to teach classes online, now you’re working on your content and you’re asking yourself how to make a presentation fun… while teaching and educating your audience. There’s actually an art to making a presentation fun, and entire books and courses have been created on the topic. Having been on the receiving…

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