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Social Media Time Management Tools

Photo credit Social media is a great way to connect with more people and boost your business connections… but one thing is often lacking when we get started: social media time management tools and techniques. I’ve been on both sides of the social media pendulum: Being super social media obsessed and spending most of my…

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How To Add Facebook Comments To Your WordPress Blog

If you’re reading this, chances are that you use social media and have a Facebook account. Did you know that Facebook is on track to have 1 billion users by August of this year? Crazy right? Yes, and crazy good for your online business and getting more traffic to your website. In today’s article and…

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How To Create a Facebook Group and Google Group

Photo credit The other day, the lovely comfort queen Jennifer Louden asked me to demystify the whole online group creation process, starting with how to create a Facebook group. I also decided to throw in a quick tutorial for how to create a Google group too, and the difference between the two. So if you’re…

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