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i015 Natalie MacNeil – True Company Leadership Drives Revenues

In this episode of the Off The Charts podcast I get to talk to my friend and fellow University of Waterloo alumni, Natalie MacNeil. Natalie is an incredible entrepreneur who has been in business for many years, in different industries (from her days creating Emmy-award winning documentaries) and now publishing amazing books for women entrepreneurs.…

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Strategic Planning Exercise: How To Grow Your Business in 2013

New year’s goals and resolutions get a bad reputation, but this strategic planning exercise is meant to be the antidote. We all start out with a lot of excitement and energy for our goals, but many times they aren’t sustainable goals, or we quickly forget why we wanted to achieve them in the first place.…

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How To Make Business Decisions

Photo credit One of the things they don’t teach you in school (or anywhere else, really) is how to make business decisions. In fact, making business decisions that are profitable, sound, and spiritually rewarding is a skill that all small business owners should learn. I’m happy to share with you my top three tips for…

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