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How To Design a Business Funnel That Works For You

Do you ever wonder how come certain things go out of fashion, and then come back years later? I’m not talking about bellbottom jeans or patterned dresses, today, though. I’m talking about the “business funnel”. It’s really interesting for me to put on my observer glasses, and take a look back at my years in…

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Keep In Touch With Clients & Business Friends with Contactually

You know it’s important to keep in touch with clients and business friends, but it’s hard to remember when you’re a busy entrepreneur. Luckily, you’re not the only person who has a hard time juggling your existing contacts with meeting new people, and making sure everyone is taken care of. There are tons of customer…

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Three Lessons I Learned from a Taxi Driver on How to Get Clients

Photo credit I have a question to ask you today… Are you operating your business as if you were a taxi driver, driving around hoping to find someone to take for a ride? If thinking about this makes you feel uncomfortable, then keep reading… The view from the sidewalk Have you ever been to New…

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