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Authentic Marketing: Is It a Contradiction For Modern Day Coaches?

Authentic marketing is such a hot concept. We all want to be authentic marketers, business owners, and people. But at what price does being authentic online really come? Now, I’m not saying that you should lie or hide things, but I think that sometimes trying to be authentic can sabotage your business growth. How Trying…

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Marie Forleo Interview: B-School Creator and Host of MarieTV

I need to take a quick step back before we dive into today’s interview, because I want to make sure you understand how much of an impact this particular cheerleader of mine has had in my life. Back in 2009, I discovered a woman online who was talking about relationships and living in the moment.…

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Successful Women in Business Know How To Be Nimble

I know many successful women in business, and I’ve noticed a pattern that goes against what you would expect from a driven entrepreneur. It all comes down to how nimble of a business owner you can be, and for me this “nimbleness” seed was planted many years ago. When I was working for a start…

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