Successful Women in Business Know How To Be Nimble

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I know many successful women in business, and I’ve noticed a pattern that goes against what you would expect from a driven entrepreneur.

It all comes down to how nimble of a business owner you can be, and for me this “nimbleness” seed was planted many years ago.

When I was working for a start up in Silicon Valley, I kept hearing our CEO tell us that we had to be nimble as a small business.

We had to be light on our feet and be able to pivot. But I really didn’t understand what he meant until recently.

Watch the video to find out what I mean…

Successful Women in Business Know How To Be Nimble

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How Driven & Successful Women in Business Operate

If you’re an ambitious, type-A, driven business lady like I am… then you can probably relate to having a hard time letting a man lead in ballroom dancing.

I’m so used to being in charge in my business life, that it can be hard to let go and not be the leader while dancing. So when it came time to practice our wedding dance, I decided to take a different approach and let Robin lead fully.

The result? We both felt like we performed at our best.

So what does this have to do with your business?

I believe that when you allow your business to naturally evolve toward where it wants to lead you, then you’re truly a nimble business owner.

Have you ever felt like you were stepping on your business’ toes and vice versa? Things just aren’t working, you’re stuck or going backwards when you want to go forwards…

Maybe you’re forcing your business to grow in one direction, but you’re not getting the results you want?

Take this concrete example for a minute: you’ve got plans for launching a product, all the dates and pre-launch content are ready to go… and then you open the shopping cart and nothing happens.

Or before you even get there, something goes wrong and you need to switch service providers, so you knuckle through without testing everything.

But you worked so hard on this launch, and everything was perfect, so why isn’t it working? Maybe you’re trying to strong arm this launch, while your business is getting a ton of inquiries for another type of product or service.

That’s your business trying to lead you to a much better part of the dance floor, but you’re trying to be the leader instead of the graceful dancer.

Sometimes your business knows where you need to go, even if you don’t feel like you’re ready to do that flip or that fancy twirl.

Using Your Feminine Energy To Get Stuff Done in Business

As women, the model of success that we see all the time in the world comes from men: take charge, make it happen, be in the driver’s seat.

And while I don’t think that we can achieve a lot if all we do is sit on the couch watching Gossip Girl (trust me, I know)… there is power in letting go. In getting into the flow, and allowing things to happen for us instead of forcing them to happen.

It’s a matter of balancing out the masculine ways of doing business with your more natural feminine ways.

Being decisive. But allowing your plans to shift if they need to. Being bold. But listening with a big heart. Starting something new. And letting it marinate if it’s not quite ready to come into the world yet.

So the next time you’re forcing a business move, remember to be nimble, and to let your business guide you to the best results.

Now I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced this inner tug-of-war between your go-getter side and your come-to-mama side? Leave a comment below, this is a really interesting topic for us to dive into together as successful women in business!

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