Building Your Website Hub For Social Media Marketing

I’m a huge fan of social media marketing, but one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is build their social sites without building their website hub.

What do I mean by that? Find out in this week’s video…

Your Website Hub Is Vital

3 Key Reasons Why Your Website Hub Should Come First

  • You have total control over your website hub and your email list: social media sites and other content outlets might shut down, delete your account, or otherwise change the game on you. When you’re in control of your online business assets, you have the freedom to build and change from there.
  • Not everyone is on social media sites, but everyone uses email: it’s great to engage with your audience on as many outposts as you can, but not everyone is on all the social sites. On the other hand, everyone uses email.
  • When you create content for your own website, you’re able to organize and deliver a much better experience: you’ll have an archive that anyone new to your world can browse. With social media marketing, your messages usually disappear if they aren’t consumed right away.

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