Online Persona: Is It The Real You?

online persona

How does your online persona match up to the “real” you?

When you meet someone who you’ve watched from afar online… how likely is it that their online persona is really how they are in person?

I’ve seen both cases: people who are exactly how they are online, offline… and people who seem to have different personalities entirely.

Why Your Online Persona Matters

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What Is An Online Persona?

Your online person or personal brand is how the world perceives you on the web. Since it is the web, you could technically create an all new personality for yourself… but I don’t recommend it, and here’s why.

People need to be able to see you in 3-D, before they ever buy into you or buy from you.

Trying to be someone else online is going to be hard to sustain, and people can usually smell it when you’re not being true to yourself.

Now, when I say 3-dimensional, I don’t mean just video.

You can totally paint a picture and show your three-dimensional self through writing, audio content, or images.

The medium is not the message, but you need to know how to distill your essence through the web.

When people feel like they really know you, you know you’ve achieved 3 dimensions.

So how do you it? By showing that you’re a real human being, you have a family, you share personal stories, and allow people to see your unpolished sides, too.

It also means being comfortable sharing the uncomfortable, being a little bit vulnerable and allowing yourself to let that show.

It’s not just about being unpolished though, it’s also about the fact that you are allowing yourself to be seen. Truly seen.

How can you be more three-dimensional in your marketing in your writing and your video content? Tell stories. Share your inner thoughts. Be your goofy self. Develop and cultivate your own style.

All of these are ways for you to be a more three-dimensional person online.

Why Being 3 Dimensional Helps You Sell More

When I think of someone who is three-dimensional, I think of someone that I’ve shared a meal with. Someone that I’ve opened up to you. Who also shares things with me.

Now you might not think that the Internet is an ideal place for you to open up and be vulnerable like the three-dimensional person you are. You might be what worried about your privacy.

We all feel scared when we open up and show our true selves. Trust that the right people will see you for the unique genius that you are, and love you for it. And those that don’t will find someone else to play with.

Those of us who are able to show our true three-dimensional self are the ones who are going to dominate the market, close the deals, and really make the world a safer “more real” place.

Did This Video Bring Up Some Questions?

I know this online persona thing can be tricky… leave your questions about the topic in the comments below and I’ll do my best to address your concerns. We’re all navigating this world wide web together.

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