How To Network With Influential People


No matter where you’re at on your business journey, you’ve probably looked around your industry at some point and wondered how to network with influential people… I know I have, and most of the time I was left scratching my head and wondering what gave some people the confidence to rub elbows with “power players” and influencers.

Today I’m really excited to share with you a special interview with my friend and publicity and business strategy coach, Selena Soo. She’s a natural when it comes to networking with powerful people, and luckily she is gifted at teaching the skills necessary to get comfortable meeting influential people.

How To Network With Influential People: Interview With Selena Soo

Click play to find out how to start networking with influential people, even if you don’t think you’re “ready” yet.

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Tips On Why & How To Network With Influential People

  1. Why focus on networking? I used to feel that networking was a phony thing people did when they wanted to get ahead in business… but there is a way to get to know incredible people, who will become fast friends and supporters, and it doesn’t have to feel icky at all!
  2. Remember that people are people. It’s only when you put them up on a pedestal that they look down on you. What a great quote from Selena!
  3. I’ve come to believe that all opportunities come from or through other people, whether they are influential people or not. That’s why I’m such a fan of attending live conferences and events like Off The Charts Live.
  4. Selena shares that in front of every opportunity is a person who has to say yes to you. I believe that people naturally want to help others, and that has helped me a lot in terms of how I see things.
  5. The best way to build your network is to start building relationships before you need anything, and that means building relationships without expectations. I feel like it’s all about making friends, as adults.
  6. Think of ways you can add value to your network, by introducing people to each other or providing feedback that makes someone’s day.

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Here’s to your success, and rubbing elbows with other incredible human beings!

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