Business Increase Strategy: Make Space For Your Business Growth

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In today’s episode on business increase strategies, we’re talking about making space for your business to grow.

Have you ever had a plant that was in a small container, that seemed to be just scraping by or even going downhill? But as soon as you moved this plant to a bigger pot, it started to thrive and bloom again?

This can happen in your business, too! Except that we’re not always aware of the different ways that we’re keeping our business in a small container.

Watch this week’s Off The Charts episode to see what I mean.

Business Increase: Increase The Size Of Your Business Container

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List Building & Business Increase Sabotages

Here’s an example of one way that I was keeping my business small.

I’m constantly working on growing my email list, but for a period of a few months I realized that my email list was stagnant.

I’d get new subscribers, but I’d also get unsubscribes.

There was something else happening though. You see, I was about to reach the upper limit of my email management provider… and if my list grew any more, I’d be paying a few extra hundred dollars per month.

So I’d go into my email system, prune people who had opted out, clean out duplicate emails, and essentially pinch my way into that lower bracket of email subscribers.

Finally, I decided that I had pinched enough and it was just time to increase my limit and bite the bullet.

I shelled out the extra few hundred dollars a month to my email management company, and low and behold my email list started to grow like crazy.

I was adding thousands of subscribers to my list, and my unsubscribes became less frequent too. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

How Upgrading To a Bigger Container Helped My Business Grow

It was all about me upgrading to that bigger container, and allowing what was naturally going to happen to take place without any restraints on it.

Instead of focusing on how to keep my list under the limit, I was able to go out and schedule list building activities like webinars, guest posts, and so on – without holding back!

And by the way, with this slew of new subscribers, I’ve more than made up for the cost of the email service in new sales. I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t make this upgrade sooner!

I’ve also seen similar results from people joining mastermind groups or other “containers” that gave them the space to grow like nobody’s business!

In fact, this is the reason why I’m putting together the Daring Business Cultivator program. It’s the bigger container that you and your business have been waiting for, and it’s going to be like miracle grow.

Take a look at ways that you might be unconsciously doing to keep your business small and watch how easy a business increase can be once you increase your container. It’s time for your business to bloom, baby!

Got Examples of This Container Theory?

I’d love to read your stories, leave a comment below about your business increase strategies so we can all learn from each other’s lessons!

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