Be Seen in 2012

Be seen. Be heard. Be known.

See yourself for who you are.

Hear yourself, and listen to your inner wisdom.

Know yourself by continuously leaning into your evolution.

Word of the year recap for 2011

Last year my word for the year was the word “Best“. I’m amazed at how much this word guided me, and how it naturally lead to me having my best year ever.

Here are some of the recaps of my best year so far:

  • I got to hang out with the best people, clients, colleagues, and friends.
  • I learned what I do best and what I “best be improving upon”.
  • I practiced my best yoga every class, knowing that my best varies from day to day.
  • I let my business evolve on its own, to take the best form that it could take.
  • Finally, I enjoyed this year the best because that was my intention, and it rocked.

That’s not to say that there weren’t any tricky times, tough business decisions, or roller coaster feelings. I would say though that I did my best to get comfortable with the uncomfortable times.

My word for 2012: Be Seen

I have seen a lot of amazing things in my life so far. I’ve traveled all over the world, witnessed some incredibly touching moments, and enjoyed some beautiful artwork.

This year however, my intention is to see myself, and to allow myself to be seen.

I’m great at being behind the scenes and making stuff happen for other people. This year my plan is to get a little bit of that action for myself.

I’ve already made a few choices about the way my year is going to play out that will put me out there. Sometimes just putting yourself out there is enough to transform your experience of yourself and your life.

That’s why I’m challenging myself to be seen, be heard, be known, and to be the first one to take myself up on these tasks.

I already feel like I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone this past year. But I know there’s still a part of me that could use a little sunshine, and I’m ready to let it out.

What’s your word?

I’d love to know what word of the year you’re choosing. What intention to guide your year will you be following? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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